You’re worth being Priceless !!!

” If you know your worth , You’ll never waste your time around people who make you feel any less” You gotta love yourself like a Madman and believe you’re worth it. Stay away from losers.Cut them off your branches before they start making you weak at your own roots. Accompany people who are always happy and smiling , those that talk about how blessed they are simply to be alive. Be with people who show you Joy. Do what your heart feels to be Right , always and always do that. Failure is bad but Regret is worst.

When People criticize you , judge you or make you feel small , It only shows how Jealous they are of You and How unsatisfied they are of themselves , yearning and pleading in front of you to start hating yourself !!! Small people make you feel small and Ugly people make you feel Ugly .What others say about you has nothing to do with you AND everything to do with them 

Your great looks are nothing if you spit venom from your mouth.  Your confidence shall collapse if you are hating everyone around you. KARMA is for real. You get what you give. 

Forget everything else and start loving yourself the way you are. I do not mean to say that You stop improving or working on self but immediately stop criticizing yourself. God employed too many people for that Job and they won’t need Help.  

Look for Good in people and ignore what’s not so good.  Your Life is way too small to stop , wait and correct people. Work on Yourself. Be Selfish.

Pray , Eat , Sing and Dance. Show the World how happy you are to be alive. Speak of God’s blessings in abundance.

Everything is the way God meant it to be. Complaints are pointless.

And lastly , You’re worth being Priceless


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