Zest to Live


 We have one Life and One million dreams. Already , falling short of time and amidst the madness of this crazy world , we often tend to forget that we need to take  a break sometimes and feel again that We are Alive. Listen to abundance of Silence and Look beyond what eyes can see. Merely taking breaths is not Living. You got to live each second of it. Carpe Diem which means Seize the Day. Live Life one day at a time.
In words of Paulo Coelho , ” You have never in your Life let another person make an important decision for you ” Doing what you feel is Right is Right in every way even at the cost of losing your loved ones. This is your Path , people may walk with you but Nobody can walk for you. You should love your Life so much that people should look at you and take lessons . Work for your Dreams before they are Dead. And one day , the dead , spoiled dreams make it difficult to breathe and we actually start seeking Death.
We all have a Purpose in Life. There has to be A Spark about your Existence . You are made of Star. Shining is your basic Nature. God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He’s working on you too. Beautiful Things happen every day and everywhere. You are Magic .
There are innumerable things , people and circumstances that ZEST UP MY LIFE. Listing 5 favorites
1- Undying Love for God
He is my Zest for Life. God is my Father , Best Friend , Secret Keeper , Savior and sometimes Partner in Crime too. The Relationship I share with him is above all existence. I feel him around me always. He helps me shine brighter. I am his favorite Child , he often says.
2- Optimism
Look at the bright side of Everything ! Train your mind to seek positive in all situations. Allow yourself to find blessings in the most mundane things. It’s all about how you SEE things. Choose to see the Positive – and your Life will take a glow of its own .Believe in Yourself in the power you have to control your own Life day by day. I do not think I would have survived if I were not designed to look for Good in everything and everyone. I am blessed in many ways.
3-  Writing / Blogging
Writing keeps me sane. If I do not write , I go Mad. I am addicted. I write for the same reason you Breathe , because if we didn’t , we would Die. My only Passion is to keep writing till my last breath. My Life should be lived so well that it should Inspire others. My Dream to be a World Renowned Writer shall come True. Indeed my Zest to Live.
4- Being with Nature
We belong to Nature , Human beings need to recluse sometimes to a place that has not been touched or altered by other human beings. Listening to waves , looking up at the starry nights , talking to Moon, smiling at flowers ,watching the sun go down, walking barefoot on the waters, listening to winds uplifts you and energizes in ways you’ll never know. Being with Nature adds zest to my Life.
5-  Weekend with Royal Treatment
I am a Solitude Seeker, If I do not spend time alone , I break my own rhythms of Life. One thing that sure zests up my Life is a Royal Spa Treatment at a Luxurious Resort near a Beach with Delicious , mouth watering ecstasies with my love . We all need to be treated like Queens. A day spent loving yourself is indeed a day to be cherished.

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com


2 thoughts on “Zest to Live

  1. All 5 of them are excellent. Also, when I read “don’t let another person make an important decision for you”, President Kennedy’s words came to my mind. He once said: Listen to everyone, but trust no one, and you decide yourself.


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