One More " Liebster Award " Yayy Yayy

” peene walo ko peene ka bahana chahiye ” ( Drinkers need an excuse to drink ) mera b ye hi haal hai Addicted to Writing and as there are no New Contests upcoming , Here I get a ping from Silent Crusader that I have been Liebstered.

1. How would you introduce yourself to anyone?

Hi , Nikita Goel . I am an Angel on mission to spread the God’s message to the World. LOL They would sent me to Asylum if I said that but I believe it to be True. I am not very Ambitious .I do not ask God for an Apartment in Paris or Helicopters at my Terrace. I do not have Aims , I have Dreams , a lot of them and I will live them all , sooner or later. My faith in God , Karma , Universe , Law of Attraction and Power of Thoughts is immense.I might not trust the things I can see and touch but I have infinite belief in unseen. I am half Mad. Yes , may be a quarter portion.

2. What do you adore more? Your past or present?

Frankly , I adore my Future more.It’ s too Bright , sometimes I feel I would go blind with the shining light . ( Weird Mood Swings , I’m sure You haven’t seen this side of me before.How could you ? I see this color myself for the first time ) Adoring Past makes one Nostalgic and You can’t enjoy your Present anymore. It’s Fabulous If you adore your Present but Me , I adore my Future.

3. Night, nature, rain or people? What makes you want to write a poem?

People , they are the most beautiful and mysterious creation of God.

4. What kind of a person you believe yourself to be? One who gives in to the demands of the situation, or the one who stays stiff, come what may?

 Both actually , It depends on the situation. I am adjusting in nature, I rarely complain or pass judgements and Swear on God , I haven’t blamed God for anything wrong that happens with me since I grew up. I stay stiff when I know my beliefs , ideals and respect would get hurt. I stay stiff when I know doing the opposite would take away my peace if mind.

5. Best compliment(s) you got on any of your blog posts?

– You are a Girl straight out of Dreams
– I wish I knew someone like you.
– Your Blog posts have  helped me from not committing suicide.
– I always smile when I read you
– Your Positivity is Contagious.
– Although , I never read Blogs or anything like that. I do not really have time for it but I make sure I do not miss reading your New Post
– I hope to read your Novel someday.
– You Inspire .
– You make me believe in Magic

6. Do you like your name? If not, then what name would you choose for yourself, and why?

Yes absolutely , I love my name and I would not change it for anything else.

7.What controls you more? Heart or brain? 

Do I even need to answer this. Heart , I am someone who does everything with her heart and when using brains id required , I prefer asking for advices.LOL

 8. One book you think every living being should read at least once? 

” The monk who sold his Ferrari ” ” think and grow rich ” ”  The secret ” ” Da Vinci Code ” ” The Alchemist ” are must must read 

9. Your take on the inflow of so many phone applications? 
 I am the wrong person to talk about Technologies / Politics. I know nothing interesting here. I have my whats app , skype , true caller ,my days , viber , paytm and bookmytickets.That’s all I know. I delete games from my Phone .

10. A movie you wish you were a part of? And which character, of course?  

Wowww !!! These two movies ” YJHD ” and ” Two States ” is pretty much similar to my Love Story. If you’d believe not only circumstances but dialogues too were Dittoo. Lol So , Yeah I wish to play Deepika or Alia.Folks , there shall be a Movie on my Best seller novel soon. Ins hah Allah

11. A few (honest) words for my blog, please? 

The Shaded Shadows  is a place for deep , deep thoughts, Every time I read you I am left to wonder Why ? You make me think on issues that are almost left untouched.The Blog is Honest and Straightforward. Go on and read this post Karma , Life and Money  .This is one of my favorite posts by Silent Crusader. I love this Post as it opposes all of my Beliefs. I am a staunch believer of Karma and Destiny. I believe happiness is inside and Money can not buy happiness. It’s always great to read You. Thanks for the Award. God bless

 P.S – I just forgot to tell you Guys that I got Interviewed at Baggout. Read Interview of Nikita Goel

I have different set of questions to ask you all. Really looking forward to read ya all.Who ever reads this had been tagged.Leave the link to your Blog in Comments and I am sure waiting to know more about you

1- What does not defines you ? Tell me what you are not .

2- What is the Best Compliment you ever received , Go on and state them all too,If you like.
3- What is your favorite corner in your own House.I’m not gonna ask you your favorite holiday destination.Share Pictures if you Can
4- What according to you is the most beautiful creation of you.Share the link.
5- Have you ever met someone out of nowhere who helped you .Share the experience.
6- Name the five people who are closest to you , family or friends.
7- What do you prefer – solitude or being surrounded by people
8- One Wish that you had been asking since long but has not materialized yet
9- What were you doing half an hour back 
10- Say something about me .Yay Yay



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