A Bank that pays you for being Facebook Addict !!

Kotak Mahindra Bank has launche a Bank Account focused on today’s Youth who is always on Social Media Channels like Twitter and Facebook.

The Bank Account is named KOTAK JIFI. Now you can call it JIFI as the way you would say WiFi

KVS Manian, President, Consumer Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, said, “Jifi is a unique digital account that integrates social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for secure and seamless on-the-go information.”
Opening a Jifi account is very simple, triggered by a self-invite by signing up via Facebook or email. 

This JiFi Account is for people like me who just can’t remember to pay monthly installments or tolerate the fat,ugly and super irritating lady in glasses staring hell outta you the moment you enter the Bank.The best thing about JIFI is you get points for being active on Facebook and Twitter.What else could a Social Network Addict like me ask for.Now , I have a reason to stay Online 24*7.Few More Attractions are ;

  1. Zero balance account: No minimum commitment of balance which is in sync with ” always udhar manging generation “One can avail all the benefits of regular account without worrying about retaining the minimum balance.
  2. The surplus amount automatically earns Higher interests: If account balance is more than Rs.25000, the spare cash automatically gets transferred to Term deposit and fetches higher interest as of a Fixed Deposit.
  3. Access your bank through a Hash tag : In these busy times, one can have access to JiFi account at own convenience that too through Twitter account. One can check balance, request for cheque books and much more through Twitter account.
  4. Referring a friend will help you earn Social points:  One can refer friends through Facebook or sharing unique Email id link. The referral rewards start from the time you refer your friends to Jifi, till their account is opened.
  5. Reward points on every transaction: Like a Credit card offers reward points per transactions, JiFi account too offers reward points for online transactions or transfers.
  6. Platinum Debit Card: A Platinum Debit card with higher withdrawal limits, higher purchase limits and lost card liability insurance.
  7. Get paid in points when you like or comment on Facebook : This means The more social you are, the more points you earn.
  8. Manage your personal Finance with Jifi: You can club your other online accounts and consolidate your entire portfolio at one place and track your financial life that too on the go without any need to update on your own, Kotak JiFi will do it for you.

Hurray !! Is it a Dream ? The Baking Experience just couldn’t get any Better.

Written for Kotak JiFi with Indiblogger


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