Like an Intoxicating Drug , Fragrance of the Nature

” Soul mates finally meet each other as they have the same hiding places” Angel and Me are Introverts , Nature Lovers,Solitude Seekers, Believers,Dreamers and Seekers. We are pretty much in words of Emily Bronte ” Whatever our souls are made of , his and mine are the same” The most daunting similarity between us is undying love for Nature. We would rather spend a night holding hands, looking up at the stars in midst of a Forest rather than drinking and merry making at a Pub.

We like spending our Sunday Afternoons at a park amongst the blooming flowers and intoxicating wind.Our love for nature includes landscapes, moon and stars, flowers and bushes, walk in the woods and making pictures at the beach sand.I would like to share about our Trip to Sequoia National Park , San Diego in USA.

 It’s believed to be owned by Native Indians who were the first inhabitants of present day America.They live a nomadic life and US Government is peculiar about their safety and privacy.We could not get a chance to see them but it was a different world all together.I felt like a light weighted feather moving with the wind.This Experience was rejuvenating for our souls.The fragrance of woods,Rains and beautiful cherry blossom trees.I believe they together can form a drug.It was addictive.I felt like being high on 5 shots of vodka.
The feeling actually can not be described in words.It was like walking in heavens.Serene, Beautiful and Intoxicating. A place that you never feel like leaving.A fragrance that steals you from yourself .


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