Let’s celebrate Women

There was so much to look forward to , even if It was just the beginning of her New Life. She is Garima , she has finally decided to get hitched and her parents are on the mission of finding his Mr.Right. She does not looks like a grown up girl , grown up enough to get married. She loves Life and guess what Life loves her back.Her enormous positive vibes can make you swim in happiness.Always fun to be around and quite very possessive about her two best friends , Mansi and Ashima. These three can stay single forever if left together. Yes, this is the kind of bond they share , they are a House on fire .

Some of her friends were getting married and others were making babies. It seemed like a flood of newly wed couples  uploading pictures of beautiful honeymoon destinations. She smiled and felt sad at the same time. Like all other girls, she wished to meet her Prince Charming , get married and have a beautiful family together. She is Independent , strong headed and straight forward person , could be the reason she had not many followers but when she was loved, deeply loved.

One day , Garima and her parents finally agreed on a guy and after talking with second party , Marriage was fixed.The guy and his family were living abroad since long. A blessing in disguise, she had finally found her Man.They both started talking to each other and sharing lives together.They were about to spend the rest of their lives together and were in love.The Courtship Period was not very romantic as seven seas separated the love birds but It wasn’t cold either. They chatted all night and discussed about the wonderful future together. Everything seemed to be Perfect .Garima wished things stayed the same always.She kept it a secret as she did not wanted many people to know about him.

The Courtship Period turned out to be longer then expected .The Couple was eagerly waiting  to be together.Sometimes they fought really bad.They ended up not talking to each other for days .Break ups happened but they were still together.Something kept them tied.Garima was getting anxious day by day and She could not even share her heart out with anyone.Even though , It was an arranged marriage , she was unsure of their future.They fought like rivals and sometimes It was plain cold war.

She was in dilemma.She asked God to show her the right path and make things clearer as the relationship was like walking in the dawn , there was an hope for the new day but It was walking in the dark for long.

The uncertainties were over and Date was fixed – February 28, 2014.She called me and asked me about the US Visa and was excited about traveling to a new country .I wanted to know more about them  ”  It’s nothing like a courtship period.We are more like normal friends getting married” She confessed to me. I empathized and assured her that things will be Great once you’re together. I knew this as I was in long distance relationship with Angel for 2 years.We too fought but made up later always.

Shopping , Relatives , Music and Dance kept her busy.New year was bringing her joys for a Lifetime.In the midst of all celebrations and preparations , she sensed a thunderstorm.Her inner voice warned her of a danger , something unknown that could destroy her. She prayed for well being of her family.A Phone call from USA , it wasn’t Guy’s number.Who could it be ? She wondered.

The girl on the other side was bashing her using vulgar language.Garima did not understood anything.She asked her to calm down and speak slowly.” I am with your guy in a live in relationship since past 5 years and I have a child .” she spoke ardently.Garima could not hold the phone and her voice was shaking.Just a few days for Marriage and I get to know this ” she cried. How do I know If you’re telling me the truth ” she questioned. ” I can send you our pictures together and If you want I can send you a video of our love making ” This was enough for her to break down into tears but She gathered up the courage and asked her to prove herself.Garima was aghast . How absurd , she asked herself and said a silent prayer.

The trauma she was going through , nobody knew. She wanted to cry but tears didn’t came.A hundred million thoughts raced through her mind.She could not move from her bed.She was shocked and totally unable to accept it.Unfortunately , the video she sent was not fake.It was the guy and he was making love to her passionately. It took her time but She knew she has to walk out of the relationship. It was indeed the most depressing phase in Garima’s Life .Her courage instilled made her disclose the true colors of the guy in-front of both the families. The guy’s family , as expected supported their son .Garima had to decide to hold on or let go. She called of the Marriage even if it meant long time she could not see another guy , even if It meant she had to undergo the process of Divorce in Court, even though it meant she had faced rejection from relatives and friends. Her family stood firm in her decision. And Yes there were family and friends who swore that all would be soon fine.But at the bottom of Garima’s heart she knew that even they were not sure but for her sake , put on a brave facade.

I was reluctant to ask this girl If I can write for her and the ever lively Garima told me  exactly these words , “Oh that’s Interesting , Bindas likhna..I trust your words.Mast si pic laga diyo bas ” She is a real Hero 🙂 She is Mardaani. It is time to take a stand, raise a voice and swim against the tide. It is time to make this cause personal.

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at BlogAdda.com for Indian Blogger


16 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate Women

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  2. Nice post. I think Garima is a lucky person. What would have happened to her if she marry that guy and go to USA with him?
    There was a Tamil movie “47 Naatkal” – 47 days. A Tamil guy in Paris who is already married comes to Chennai and marry a good looking girl. He takes her to Paris and tells his French wife that this girl is his sister. The poor girl comes to know of the situation and she could not do anything. She knows nobody. She cannot speak the language. Finally, somehow she returns back to Chennai after living in hell (Paris) for 47 days.


  3. You know what irks me, makes me so mad that I could strangle the boy's parents. When the truth came out they supported their son! This is exactly what's wrong in our society!

    Garima stay strong! The Universe is with you!


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