Bebo’s online shopping experience at Baggout

At we can buy products and share with our friends,browse through personalized catalogue of awesome products created by our friends and we can keep a track of what we buy through Baggout.At Baggoutwe can discover best products,browse products from all stores,get cashback and coupons,we can see what our friends buy and we can buy products and save them for later.
Imagine How would be Bebo’s Experience at Baggout.Oh Yes , Our very own Bollywood Diva who looks absolutely stunning in anything she wears. This Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Women indeed shops very carefullly. We somehow managed to fit in hidden cameras at Kareena Kapoor’s  house.She was caught surfing Internet for online shopping websites and she arrived at Baggout
One click after the other and the Lady could not stop herself from overloading her Shopping Cart. Access to discounts and cash coupons , easy returns and unlimited variety made Bebo smile Big.She jumped on her bed and started dancing out of joy and called Saifu .” Saifu , Don’t you think It’s time to re do my wardrobe.” She asked Saif Ali Khan with her sweet , innocent look on face. ” Umm..May be..May be not ” Saif was confused. She grabbed him and took him near her closet , Opened her Huge Wardrobe , like the one they showed in Sex and the City , Carrie Bradshaw’s dream closet. It’s very close to that. ” I have nothing to wear Saifu” She frowned. Saif , like all other husbands had no option but to agree to his wife.
Saif watched her smile as she kept on clicking more and more to her shopping cart.” Saifu , there is a blur denim shirt that would look fabulous on you ” she said. Saif comes over to see what Bebo liked for him .Undoubtedly , he loved it and asked Bebo to hand him over the laptop as the husband too might need a wardrobe renewal now.
They both smiled and continued to shop together. The world knows how Gorgeous Saifina are and the credit goes to their fabulous dressing sense and picking up right brands, sites and stores for shopping.
This is written for Baggout Contest .You , too can participate and win assured prizes , back link at your Blog and  a chance to get Interviewed at BAGGOUT.

1st Prize – Google Nexus 7 Tablet
2nd and 3rd Prizes – Rs. 5000 each


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