Ambassador of the Universe

I have learned to be grateful even when I feel sad, to think positively when I’m surrounded by negativity, to hold fast to faith even when I feel hopeless, to accept love even when I feel unlovable; because despite all the noise in my head that tell me my life is over, the sun shows up every morning and shines, reminding me that I can surely do the same.
~Margaret. M. Painter

Your True Strength is not your bank balance , happy married life , bunch of crazy friends , international trips ,100 followers at Twitter.It is what you feel about yourself and the people around you that determine how strong you are as a person. Even the best of monks can fail when dark times arises. Prayer should be your Lifestyle and not an Emergency Exit. The more you stay connected with Almighty , the more powerful you become. God helps you stay calm when everyone excepts you to break down to pieces. He is the only one who can help you overcome all obstacles of your Life.

Trust the process of Universe. Have faith that Universe is with You.There is no chaos in the Universe.Everything has a reason , a purpose and a goal. All tests that you are facing right now are here to teach you something .The Universe keeps teaching you one lesson again and again till You have learned it.Say Yes to Universe. Welcome everything that Life gets you open armed as nothing is meant to harm you / hurt you. It all happens for Good we may / may not know. Trust Him.

Almost all the problems in life depends on our reaction to them.You can feel Miserable or Grateful , the amount of energy required is the same.Just because something isn’t happening for you Right Now doesn’t mean it will never happen. Ask , Believe and Receive. Change your thoughts and Change your Life.

Just today , I started my day with one negative thought that Why the hell do I need to wake up at 7 am when I slept at 2 ? and Believe me It was a series of negative feelings that followed making me feel Miserable about myself . I have experienced that when We start blaming ourselves for things around us , we have been negligent towards self love.We deserve our love and affection as much as anyone else on Earth. Things will Change.It can’t rain forever. Sun shall Rise.

The disconnect and frustration you feel is entirely your own creation. Life gives everyone their share of lemons. What did you made of them is the only thing that matters. Hear what Universe has to say.Talk about the things that you yet not have but believe whole heartedly that Universe is working for you. Hows and Whens are not you domains.All you need is Faith , undying FAITH that you shall have all that you seek for

Signing off


7 thoughts on “Ambassador of the Universe

  1. Niki..that 7am wala thing happened to me today..was clearly you sculpted my thoughts. I truly believe in this universe and connections. and we happen to exist.


  2. Nona..was reading your homepage.. just loved loved and loved the column “Of myself” ..waha comment nahi kar sakta kya?? .. so lucky to have you..!! love u hamesha..!!!!


  3. Shanu – lol same to same hua :p I know how strongly you believe in Universe and Law of Attraction..We had endless conversation about it..

    Love you humesha too Shan 🙂 Thank you for being there and always always making me feel more Inspired hugs..

    I will check comments ka


  4. Hello nikita
    I have read all your posts and love themB-)B-)
    They r fab just like u r

    Do sometimes drop in by my blog as well


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