It’s time to transform

Hello Beautiful Angels,

Just saying , Imagine if there was no more Internet ? World would have collapsed in a day.We are the Selfie Generation , We can survive without oxygen but Internet , even the thought of it hurts. I am the worst of all Facebook Addict. I do not remember a single day of my Life when I was not updating a status . Someone told me about the Instgram that day  , and guess what I enrolled myself in the crazy race for fame. We are the Self obsessed , Candy Crush obsessed , Twitter Freaks, Troll obsessed and Know it all generation.

Keep Calm and Keep buying latest Technologies. In case you have not seen or heard the New Revolutionary Tablet  which works swifter than a laptop .Have a look ASUS Transformer Book T100

I am addicted to Writing.when nothing else seems to work , I start writing ” be happy” on the widows of the car .For Addicts like me , this is a blessing from Technology Gods.Pre installed MS Word and Intel Atom Quad Core Processor makes writing faster , swifter and smoother. I can write short stories, paste pictures and submit online.

 I could stay connected to my friends and family through Facebook and stay updated with all the gossips in the town. Yes, I am a huge TROLL fan. Sarcasm makes life easier.Facebook was never about just chatting with my buddies.It’s Everything , I can search quotes and share them,save them for my Blog.I can read inspirational stories from my favorite Authors,I can join groups of same interest , participate in contests and win prizes.Still more.I can upload my pictures of International Trips and be the buzz among my friends. All I needed from the World now was Speed.

ASUS has HD Touch Screen , super fast Intel Atom Quad Core Processor and fair enough internal RAM that makes my worries lesser. I do not have to worry about keyboard or typing anymore .It’s a 2 in 1 Ultra Portable Laptop with 10 inch tablet. It’s light and handy that keeps you on the move without having to worry about the heavy weight on shoulders.

Another thing I Can’t imagine without is Movies. You name it and I have seen it. I have special place in my heart for French Movies and Animated ones. There were times Nikita did not knew what Action Movies were about , now I’d like to express my Gratitude towards my Husband for opening up my eyes to Men in Black, X Men , 300,Super Man ,The Day before World stood still , Pirates of Carri-bean , The Hobbit and what not.It’s often me who pushes him to download and watch the series one more time.Back when we were in US , Internet Speed was never an issue .Downloading a Movie itself can be a tedious job in India.This Gadget came for Rescue for incredible battery life that would allow me continuous web browsing for 11 hours at a stretch. The Microsoft InstantGo Technology assures the gadget to perform when you are ready.The USB3.0 SuperSpeed Port transfers files with lightning fast speed. I could be on my laptop all day without worrying about anything else on Earth with T 100.

My passion for Games is restricted to Candy Crush and Hero Saga at Facebook. I have often been accused of deleting games from everywhere for creating more space  for my pictures. We have 10 GB exclusively for our Pictures.We have traveled to many many places and I attach more value to memories than some stupid games. To my surprise , It has something for my Husband too. Yes, he had jump out of his bed on knowing that ASUS has easy access to the Windows Store and XBox Live!  Thankfully I would not need to delete anymore Games and we both shall live happily ever after.Thanks ASUS.

Music , It’s a pure Joy. Headphones on and world goes off. It’s a stress buster for me. I have a collection of oldies from both Holly and Bollywood. I love Classics. I am not a huge Fan of latest Bollywood Songs that sound like jiggle and abusive , cheap , third class words. Heard that ” Sari Raat besharmi ki height” and ” ho dim dim ye light” I love the music but lyrics suck big time.Oh , You can call me Old Fashioned if you like but I would never start admiring such lose material songs. It offers me extra storage  .ASUS Engineers have created a luxurious yet durable and exceptionally affordable Gadget ever.Soft durable rubber would remind you of Katrian Kaif’s Veet Commercials.With Windows 8.1 , I have access to pre installed apps that will keep me updated with latest news, stock markets, latest fashion trends ,weather forecast ,best deals in the town and what not,

11 July is our First Wedding Anniversary and with the price as affordable as 32,999 ( INR) , It could be a great idea to gift myself 😉  Watch the Video

Written for ASUS Time to Transform Contest by Indiblogger


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