Take a Decision today to see beauty all around you

Some of the Best Days of your life haven’t happened yet. You might have all the reasons to convince me that Your Life is a mess and nobody could be of any help.But wait for a moment.Things shall change, sooner or later. Every difficulty in our lives teaches us something that helps us create a better future.We always come out stronger after the storm has passed.Things might be bad but they could have been worse. I ain’t preaching something I do not follow myself.If I told you what all I have gone through, you shall be gasped.

Yes and I knew better days are coming. Take Life one day at a time.Plan your day, not your year.You’ll have more control over things.You don’t always need a plan and Life shall surprise you.So often we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey.There is beauty all around us and every particle of grain has a story to tell.If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror.

And If you still fail to see the beauty around you.Hear me – What we see depends mainly on what we look for.If you end up having problems with everyone and everything around you, Guess what The Problem is You. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.Break the habit.Talk about your Joys.

The simple act of stopping and looking at the beauty around us can be a prayer. All that you see around has been created for you.Be Thankful for the rains during hot screeching summers,the innocent smile of a child that makes your day ,for friends that never let you down , for  family that has your back ,for birthdays, for little wishes fulfilled,for the long walks at beach,for the happy people you see, for the flowers, the sun,the starry heavens above us , the new Modi Government , for hope that never leaves you,for lessons life keeps teaching you and express your Gratitude because This World is  a Beautiful Place and You are the most wonderful creation of Him. You were created in his image.Do not let him down.

The most ugliest of creatures are attractive to someone. The cruelest of criminals have a soft corner for someone.There is nothing on Earth that is ugly.Everything has its own charm.Join those who sing, tell stories, enjoy life and have happiness in their eyes. Because happiness is contagious and always manages to keep people from being paralyzed by depression, loneliness, and troubles.

“There are two types of writers: those who make you think and those who make you dream,” says Brian Aldiss.I wish to make you Dream 🙂

Signing off

17 thoughts on “Take a Decision today to see beauty all around you

  1. you make me dreaaaaaaaaaaam :*
    Love the whole write up. best part about your blog is …it is just like it's name..Enchanting, mesmerizing, and I love being here. mwaaaaahhh.


  2. Read somewhere, -'dreams that we have are God's dream that He chose us to fulfill.' If you are giving somebody dream, in a way you are giving almost everything.

    Lovely post. Happy blogging 🙂 xx


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