Do your own thing even if it annoys all of them

At the end of the day you won’t be happy if you don’t love yourself.You shall not be able to put yourself to sleep if you know you did something that you did not wanted to. Breathe and Know your own Worth.If you knew how precious You are , You shall never be around people who make you feel any less. Cut them off.Some of them make you believe how difficult or tragic or unfair Life is for everyone.Cut them off , I say before you start preaching the same.

We all know that Truth alone triumphs and Darkness always is accompanied by a new dawn. Beware , humans are vulnerable to all that is wrong.Unless you are an Angel like me 🙂 Now that I have finally grown up a little bittle.I know my Frenemies. As If I can hear a strange , annoying and disturbing jingle when they start throwing words at me coated in sugar crushed cream. Let me tell you again , I hear what you are speaking aloud inside.So Shut Up and Be Real.

Regrets aren’t in my dictionary.I have seen heartbreaks and betrayal from closest childhood friends.I have trusted strangers like family .I did a whole lot of mistakes in life.But I believe in something – There are no mistakes in Life , only Lessons.

Revenge is for weak as Forgiveness is the trait of Strong .I do not have time to chart out a list of haters,losers and double losers and waste my very precious time to plan a Revenge.If you did wrong to me or my family.I trust God enough to take care of your deeds.I have seen them all wish for death and curse their lives just because they has HURT me.God takes care of me without letting me know at times.

When someone in the Heavens is there to protect you , who on Earth can harm you .Faith is a GIFT and not all are gifted .Some people take all the burden of Life as they know God is Dead or worst they go around and tell people that God hates them.LOL

Facebook is the happiest place on Earth.They should take away the copyrights from Walt Disney World Why ? Every Girl is the most Beautiful on earth and every Bride is the most Beautiful Bride AND every Couple is the Perfect , Made for Each other Couple. Wish people were so kind in real Life too !!! I am a staunch believer that everyone is BEAUTIFUL but my problem is with the ones who as soon as leave comments like ” most beautiful couple , god bless and blah blah ” turn around and tell me ” they look like shit ” If people had at least half of the “happy life ” they show on Facebook ,World would have turned into a PARADISE.

Drama is created by those who are unhappy with their own lives. And you can’t save them all.Some people have decided to completely destroy their life and no matter how hard you try ,you can not change their minds.Stay Away ,The fight is within themselves not with you or someone they put the blame on. I have immense dislike for the women who sacrifice happily their self respect in front of Husbands. They are the same who turn into real bitches once they are 50.You have your OWN LIFE and do not try mingle it with your Soul Mate as nothing is more your own than YOU,YOURSELF.

Do your own thing even at the cost of annoying them all, If you don’t wish to curse yourself at your last breath, do all that your heart needs. Do not listen to your parents ,spouse,friends or teacher as nobody knows your Journey the way you do. You know it all. Don’t empty yourself for everyone. Pour out love only when you know it’s at the right place and shall be multiplied. BE OBSESSED WITH YOURSELF.

Somethings are beautiful as they are hidden You do not need to open up your life for everyone. Not all of them care , they are Curious.They need something to talk about and feel happy inside that you are SAD.Keep your life a secret , do not reveal every part of yourself.Somethings stay beautiful as they are still Mysterious.

Roam around naked in your room if you feel like.On the brighter side, you’ll know how much pounds you are carrying extra around that waist lol.It’s liberating to some people to be without clothes.You need not feel ashamed about the same. Do what you feel like even if it leads to nothing.

Nobody has a Perfect Life , no matter how much they try to assure. Life is a battle and we are all fighting for it. You got to know how to keep yourself unattached and happy together for the Victory.

Signing Off



14 thoughts on “Do your own thing even if it annoys all of them

  1. I strongly believe that if you love doing something they you should do it .. no matter what others say .. because they will never know how happy it makes you feel ..

    and keeping yourself happy shud always be a priority ..



  2. Wooohooo !!
    Roam naked. I do that. and suck my tummy in unless i see it's still out
    Yes, unless God is there aapka koi kuch nahi kar skta. lovely points. :*


  3. well you said at times.. so there are times when you can .. well in that case just try to make those TImes when you can't a bit lesser ..

    and you are not alone we are humans and we surly cant do what we want ALWAYS..

    Take care and keep smiling



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