Car = Corvette and Corvette= Car

Before you start banging your head on the wall,Let me present before you the latest addition to my Bucket List – CORVETTE

The 2014 Corvette  is truly a machine built to handle all types of roads.It’s aDream Car , the moment we ( Angel and Moi ) look at it , we start imagining ourselves driving the damn beauty.Gosh Gosh Gosh It’s such a Classy Royal PRINCESS.Have a look.It’s not mine yet.Unfortunately can’t afford the luxury yet but I promise I shall soon be uploading my own Corvette. I am participating at free Corvette Give Away lol..Yeah..look here Free Corvette

Sob Sob My Dear Heart , You shall be at her place soon.Believe and Receive

 And Just when I needed something to console my heavy heart , I saw this new Contest at Indiblogger 

which introduced me to the World of Cars – CAR CONNECT.
You have a whole little world of Cars here. You can get the latest updates ,new launches,car comparison,amusing and amazing car experiences at different parts of the world all under one roof.Yes, Car Lovers This is It !!!! 🙂 

 Car Connect understands your passion for cars. That’s why they bring you a portal that lets you enjoy the ultimate car experience. You can share your car experiences, compare the latest cars, find cars that fall right under your budget, be updated with the latest and changing trends of the global automobile industry and above all, interact with like-minded people who share a passion for cars just like you. So tighten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride .

Some people are passionate about her, some love her to death while some can’t stand the thought of being away from her even for a single day. What does your car mean to you? Tell me in your own special way. You earn bragging rights and a badge at the Website.. Time to gear up and make your car proud.

My Present Car is Ford Fiesta.Have a Look.

My Car at California

Oh Yes he is my Man , Love of my Life , my Angel and My Everything : ) Car , Oh yes Car too

Written for Car Connect Experience  sponsored by Car Connect 


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