Hold the pen and write your own Destiny

I love this crazy , tragic sometimes almost Magic awful Beautiful Life. You are the Creator of your own life ,trust me. No damn power on Earth is capable of harming you. Whatever your life is and whom so ever you are surrounded with are the one’s you CHOSE for yourself.Nothing at all happens by chance.Everything that you feel you create.Your every single thought comes alive. And Guess what , 60,000 thoughts each day are wasted in worries,regrets,sorrows and pain.

You gotta love the Moment you are in and the energy of that moment, will spread beyond all boundaries. It’s just about taking one step at a time.Stop worrying about whom you are gonna marry , which job would you grab for yourself or worst of all growing old.Things shall happen at the Perfect time in a Perfect way. God says , ” You don not have to think about every little thing , It’s my job “

Breathe in and Breathe out

The good news is that your Life is what you make of it and the bad news is You are your worst enemy. If you look closely , nobody hurts you but Pain is your own Creation.You create Joy and Sorrows for yourself.Stop running after the World putting labels on all those who hurt you. Know that You use people , situations and events to Hurt Yourself.Free yourself from the burden of maintaining lisr of who hurt you when and why . Breathe and Let Go

Resign as the General Manager of the Universe

I know you never got the offer letter ,but just go back and bring the memories of morning.You start your day cribbing about the weather,alarm clock,office timings,wife’s made breakfast and what not.Entire Day is spent talking about things you have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL ON. A simple question Why ? Your worrying , in fact the whole Universe worrying about why certain things are the way they are won’t change nothing.Whatever is , it was meant to be like it.Resign and Retire.

Believe that Universe is in your favor

What you strongly believe in becomes a Reality.The Universe has simple , basic laws.It can not differentiate between Right and Wrong , Good and Bad.It knows only One thing.It has to create what you constantly think about. Any thoughts that are given emotions always do come TRUE. Do not blame God / Destiny / Some Relative / Parents/ Spouse for your messed life. Know you are the reason behind everything that happens in your Life.

Faith alone works wonders

You gotta have just one thing with you , Undying Faith in God. You don’t have to limit yourself with only wishing , hoping and praying for the BEST to happen but whole kindheartedly accept whatever happens is for GOOD. Yes , even if it appears like the World has come to an End. I am a living example of how alone FAITH worked for me. I stood by my Strong Intuition when all the World has turned it’s face on me.There is nothing that can be out of your reach only If you believe.

Pain helps you Grow

A perfectly balanced happy Life could be extremely Boring to me. There is a scope to learn and grow when you  get out of your comfort zone. Only when you open up yourself to everything that Life has to offer , you can Succeed. Sometimes , not getting what you want could be a Wonderful Stroke of Luck. The Challenge you face right now is an invitation to grow and awaken , to step up and be more of who you really are . Have you Accepted ? God keeps you away from something only for two reasons – One that you still don’t deserve to have it and Two because he has something BETTER for you. When he pushes you to the extreme end , have faith as only two things are possible , either he will catch you or you shall learn to Fly.

Love yourself enough 

If beating yourself up worked , you’d be rich , thin and happy. Try loving yourself instead. You are Perfectly Crafted by the Perfect Creator and there nothing could be wrong with you. If you love yourself , life loves you back and all the world can see that. This Universe is a  Mirror, You see yourself , a part of you in everyone you meet.At the end of the day , You won’t be Happy if You don’t love yourself.

Do not Interfere with Karma

 Karma Laws are Newton Laws. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Those that bring you drama shall face their own deeds on face. If you are lucky, God shall make you watch them bleed. You can’t take control of ALL that happens in your Life. Neither should you Try. Forgive , it ain’t easy but God shall take the Revenge for you manifold.Trust and Move Forward.

Stay Happy and Blessed 🙂


13 thoughts on “Hold the pen and write your own Destiny

  1. WORDS OF WISDOM..This was a beautiful early morning readfor me.

    'The good news is that your Life is what you make of it and the bad news is You are your worst enemy.'



  2. feeling inspired………………got some confidence, these are the things which i really believe but bcoz of everyday routine i always forget some of these things, thanks for reminding me……….


  3. Very true. I always tell people, you can never blame others for spoiling your mood. It just means that you have given others the power to influence your thoughts. 🙂


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