Five Sentence Fiction : Marriage

Since her childhood,Samantha had envisioned herself as an Indian bride.

Rahul was a dream come true , being together in a live -in relationship for quite a few months now,They decided to take the relationship to the next level

The Wedding date was fixed, both families agreed for the sake of children as they knew they were madly in love.

Beautifully dressed in Lehnga choli  shying away , she looked every bit of  a Princess with that spark in her eyes and incredible smile.

 Rahul surprises the newly wed wife with Divorce papers as he holds the Green card in another.

Written for My Story at Five Sentence Fiction : Marriage


17 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction : Marriage

  1. Very sad. But this happens in real life too. There is a famous politician in USA. His wife had cancer. She was operated upon and brought her to the post operation recovery room. At that moment, this guy served her with divorce paper (she was still not very conscious.)


  2. Tch! We keep hearing these green card stories. It is indeed sad that when people are not capable of doing something on their own, they use others.


  3. hahahaa.. there is never a dearth of these kinds of Rahuls these days aah ? and good Samantha will turn up stronger and braver for someone she truly deserves ..

    I could just sense something will happen and then you added the last line..brilliant


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