” Hey Are you hiding something from me ” she was curious to know what happened to me.It’s just a few days I landed in India.Life throws lemons at you most unexpectedly.I am going through something TERRIBLE right now.Yes in Caps.P.S – It got nothing to do with my Husband before some of you starts assuming.Don’t ask me, I won’t share.

” Are you Sad ” Tell me ” Speak up ” I was bombarded with messages like such and It wasn’t enough.Calls one after the other. Even if we are good friends since a long time and they shares life with me, Trust once broken with me can’t be repaired.That’s the thing with girls – No matter they swear on God, they are not capable of keeping secrets. Few years back , She had been discussing my Life with all her colleagues and It came as a shock when one of them told me the most personal issues of my life that I thought were safe.

” Take your Magic wand and clear out problems” It sounded likeΒ  a taunt to me.I thought she has read
Β She is Magic Post.Β 

This Man who happens to be my Male Best Friend with whom I can share the worst of all things without a second thought.He is a Gem. His Courage is boundless and his words are raw diamonds.I do not feel the need to hide who I am / what I am going through or anything what so ever as I know for sure that he will Understand.Men don’t judge you, they know we all make mistakes.They don’t spread rumors bout you and they can keep secrets and still act like nothing happened.

He is transparent and very clear about what he does/says.There are no airs about him.He can uplift me like nobody else could.He is a year or two younger to me but He has seen, learn t and experienced everything anyone does at good 90 something.He knows it all, in short.I am dead sure that I can never have a problem in my Life that he doesn’t have ” a solution ” or rather “advice” for. Yes, I love him a lot.He is my Male Best Friend.Someone who has your back protects you, loves you and treats you with respect, and understands who you are and can always cheer you up when you need it. I’m lucky enough to have that person, and I couldn’t be more grateful

They won’t get Jealous of us ever and shall drown us with compliments, unlike girl friends who’d be bitching about us. They know how to DEAL with the problem rather than just TALK about it.They are real problem solvers and trust me They can save you from all the Drama.He is my Strength and my Pillar.I love my Best Friend.

P.S – Nothing, That’s enough as of now


16 thoughts on “My Guy BEST FRIEND

  1. Men are indeed better friends than women sometimes. They won't take your bitchiness to heart and will do more than just silently listening to your problem, they will help you deal with it. πŸ™‚


  2. Aah I have a female best friend..and she has me..that is all. I know a lot of people say that male best friends dont judge etc and women cant keep secrets.but in her case its all different. I think its a matter of the person, not all women are like that. Similarly I had a very good male friend who loved to gossip about others. So yeah :p


  3. Most of my bestfriends have been guys. But they ended badly as I did not feel anything but friendship towards them. At times the best friends expect more, and you cannot give it and have to let go of them.

    Only one best friend stood by me throughout. And now I am married to him! πŸ™‚


  4. Midnight – Exceptions are always there but It's something abnormal men gossiping
    Otherwise most of them stay out of it

    I have a a female best friend and i love her to can never compare these both


  5. Soumya – haha I know..I have been through this too but some Friendships stay stronger den expectations and eventually people start understanding that Love is different

    And yes my husband is my best friend too


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