मन मोती अरु दूध रस, इनकी सहज सुभाय।
फट जाये तो ना मिले, कोटिन करो उपाय॥

Do You know that feeling when there isn’t a single number on your Contact List of 200 whom you can call and pour your heart out ? Do You know that feeling when you are surrounded by family and friends and you feel like you do not belong? The kind of feeling when you are not only wanting to run away from the world but Yourself.

Yes , I know that feeling.

Friends who are believing what you say despite the pain on your eyes.They can’t see who you are at the moment and believe in your lies.You are left to wonder what actually did you earn in life.

The family who loves you immensely but You can’t gather up the courage to speak your heart . You are not being yourself and the worst part is you begin to like it. You start ignoring your happiness for the sake of peace that you yearn for. You cry to sleep at nights and wake up with a sad heart.

It  can’t stay like this Forever.

Pain always and always makes you a little stronger. There is nothing wrong is apologizing even when you know you’re RIGHT and  don’t mistake it for loss of Self Respect. They are two completely different things.Let’s take an example – Huge trees fall down during storms but grass comes out stronger as it knows the power of bending down. A tree which has fruits is always bending.It takes the strength of character to be small.I might be sounding Weird to many of you but belief me Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the Apology you never received.

Words have the power to heal and power to destroy.Use them wisely as people might forgive you but won’t forget the words.

Stay Happy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Ah…I needed this one!! Not because I need to learn to accept an apology I never received…but because I need to apologize to someone.
    Also yes true…words!! We need to choose them wisely!


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