Being my own Role Model

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To be Yourself in a World that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishments ” said Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have no Role Models.Believe me , I tried hard finding out whom do I adore so much that I’d like to be like them.Nobody. I wana be Myself always.Wana know why I chose myself as my own Role Model.Here we go :

I do my thing and I know what I want.I rarely go to people and ask them what should I do when.I almost always know how to proceed towards my goals in Life.I do not look for Motivation and Appreciation outside.

I’m not even close to Perfect. I wear shabby clothes at times. I put on weight easily.I do not shy away from eating that aloo parantha with extra butter.Most important of all , I can tell the truth on your Face.I don’t go to people and tell them how messed my life is.No matter what is going on in my Life. You won’t ever find me ” not smiling”.As I have got older I have stopped watching what other people are doing and aspiring to be like them. I like who I am now and feel able to make my own goals and dreams and chase them my way.Do not think of me as Arrogant , I am not.I feel inspired watching lots of people and I believe we can learn something from everyone, be it the sweeper who sweeps your floor or CEO of your Company.I learn from observing people.I learned a lot from my Dog too.These guys are never stressed for anything else than food on

I am honest , kind , generous and I know when to draw a line. I won’t kneel down in front of anyone as my God is the Supreme King.I might not have achieved much in Life and not many people know me but those that know won’t ever let me go.I can go on talking about myself all day.I had read somewhere that you should either do things worth writing or write something worth reading.Yes, you know what I might be good at.Your Life should have an impact,You shouldn’t be living like trees and mountains and rocks that are born,exist and die.You gotta leave your mark even if it’s on a single life.I want to be recalled as someone who was like a Hope.I want people to say that because of her I did never gave up.I have that kind of impact on people.

I’ve learned that you can’t sit and wait for other people to fix you, everyone is a little broken and everyone is trying to fix their own pieces of puzzle.Be Your own Hero.Nobody else understands your journey the way you do and hence none of them would ever advise you RIGHT.Listen to them but don’t let the voice inside be ignored either and make the best Decision of your life .Life always has something good to offer,You have a choice to stay positive in worst of all conditions. You can make a difference.

And just at the right time , I get this message from an App on Facebook called ” Message from God” which says – God is glad that You are You. Sure, we all have things we want to change, to improve about ourselves. But underneath the flesh and bone, you are an immortal and perfect soul. Always remember that.

“Be your own source of strength and comfort.  Believe that you are in love, happy, and fulfilled because you started by feeling that way about yourself, alone.  Then the power of being together is amplified and you will experience the kind of joy that you can’t begin to imagine.  It starts within you and no one else.”
~Carol Lin, CNN Reporter

 I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with


16 thoughts on “Being my own Role Model

  1. I love the confident oozing from your words. Indeed none can understand our journey. They cannot understand our troubles and struggles. Being your own role model means you are strong enough to solve your problems. Loved that attitude.


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