I am just born so Lucky

Things may be bad but God seems to be always on my side.I mean it ALWAYS and ALWAYS. He added a distinct inbuilt software inside me that makes me lucky. My husband does not believes in Destiny and so called Luck, but I do. I never faced Accidents ( touch wood)and  never got stitches.Heartbreaks and Break ups never much bothered me as in I never thought of committing suicide. I was always the one to walk out and never was ditched.I have fr-enemies but they rarely get chance to take benefits out of me.Let me tell you something ( top secret only disclosed to mum and angel) I have a Bucket List , actually many.I re write them every year.List keeps on increasing.I have a habit of cutting out wishes that come true. Most of them have become a reality.

I am happily married to Angel and we had a long extended honeymoon ( almost a year). Even considering now , thanks to Nisha for opening my eyes to the beauty of my life. I had been cribbing in my last post of how bad things seem post marriage.Looking closer, I found out that i could be the luckiest Indian Married Girl ( I am still a girl and shall be a girl grandmother at 60 too) My in laws are working people and We are experimenting on a new Business we are hoping to excel in.Fingers Crossed.Angel shall make all his dreams come true within no time.I love him for his sincerity towards work.So, coming back to the point.We are spending all day and night together unlike most other couples who get to see each other only at 6 evening.I still get to spend loads of quality time with him and We’re still not bored of each other ,thankfully.

There are friends who have charted out my complete week of STAY at mom’s place.They are almost celebrating my return.My mom’s side relatives pamper me like a chota bacha.They , too have been waiting to meet me and we’ll sure have a gala time.Angel’s side , in laws have also been planning a huge family 


13 thoughts on “I am just born so Lucky

  1. I'm really happy for you! Maybe your husband is right. It might not be the luck, maybe its because you actually deserved it.

    Come on, give yourself some credit.


  2. Niki,
    So glad your friend showed you the way. Hope all is good now and always. You know.. I liked that li'l statement of 'extended honeymoon' if u know what i mean.
    Angels are rare. Keep yours safe. Mine left me.


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