Lost 3 favorite people

Person 1 – A woman with a warrior soul willing to cross the oceans alone by herself. A self-dependent lady who knew what she wanted from her life. One who revolted against her patriarchal custom of women opting only for a teaching career. She saw all her dreams come true. I met her when she would have been around 65 or so.She had grandchildren as her pride and I never felt like being with an old lady. She was young at heart.Son,being happily married to Canadian women with a baby boy called ” William “.Everyone made her feel alone. She looked at her fellow neighbors rejoicing with grandchildren, sons, and daughter in law. She wanted to be with her family but circumstances demanded something, not like her whims. The son could not leave Canada and mother could not leave India. I wonder how easily children forget about the parents for a little better life .The lady had no regrets and proudly showed me pictures of the little boy on Facebook. An old couple living alone together, both not keeping well decide to move to the village with their own brothers and sisters. The lady dies of Cancer and the Man is left alone

Person 2- A lady with a sick husband and two annoying children. This Man had always been away from the responsibilities of a family in the name of business abroad. He rarely visited family once in six months. I have seen the strong women do all by herself. Sometimes, he did not even sent the money order. His children still loved him. One day the man came home and apologized. Stayed with the family till his last breath. More than 25 years of Marriage and he was home for hardly few months in a year. He died one day , It was not a great loss , they were never used to him. The family was neglected by relatives and neighbors. They were going through acute fund shortage. One day , people come to know that lady with her daughter burnt herself as she could not take the misery anymore.

Person 3 – A Righteous Man in every way. A perfect husband and a perfect father. He knows not how to hurt other fellow beings. Simple and straightforward , he is loved by all. He was secretly envied by his colleagues. He did not believed in doing the wrong things and was becoming a threat to many who did them. They all geared up together and planned a hideous game against him. God is watching , they could convince girls of his school that He offended with them. His actions were objectionable and vulgar. I know this Man closely and He could not even think of doing something close to this. He is behind the  bars for doing the right thing all his Life. Fair Justice is a dream in India. Corruption is deep rooted and innocents are behind the bars and accused are being rewarded for their power. This Man who has a great sense of humor and is known for his carefree attitude and fun loving nature might not be the same again.


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