Trying to Understand the so called " Conjugal Bliss

I am there again, trying to understand the conflict that exists ,between what I had known and what I experienced.And if Experience had ever taught me anything , It’s that You can give away every ounce of your blood and still something would be left undone. You can not be everything to everyone. The idea of keeping everyone around happy is a MYTH.It is practically not feasible.

” Happily Ever After” is an  ongoing effort and you will need to work for it each and every second of your life. Nobody gets lucky in Marriage , I learned the hard way.You will have to tame the wild child inside you .To always be ready like a Soldier for anything that calls you. Dealing with Relatives is a thorough art you’d learn as the time passes.Everything has to go hand in hand. In short , You will have to snatch few minutes for yourself each day and introspect and reflect upon where you are willing to take your Life ahead.Domestic Life with time shall be successful in killing the passion between both of you If not serviced every now and then.The customary smiles,unwanted distance and lack of communication are diseases every marriage goes through .

Calling your partner’s home your own can take as long as forever.You are responsible women at this place. In the midst of preparing appealing dinner with decorative salad,love shall feel neglected.There will be times when You’d like to preach others ” Never to get married”. Close the doors and make love shall be a Fantasy.There might not be restrictions but you will feel strangulated in responsibilities.Despite the fact of being called ” Romeo Juliet” in friends circle or being together for many years , there comes a time when you’ll need to let go of the urge to hold on.In love and marriage , there comes a time when you will need to put your own well-being above your spouse’s and that is completely fair.

It has been one of those crazy weeks when I was supposed to be calm , composed and in control despite the fact that my world had been spinning round.We had been living alone together , extended honeymoon which I have already described in detail in older posts.I immersed myself in household chores with  a positive attitude towards the new phase of life.I entered the new home with hopes of making everyone happier and healthier and of course content and satisfied with me as a new member of the family.I chose to observe and understand , love and respect and dutifully try my best to fit in.I knew that nothing else matters more than the fact that We are a Family now.I had been lucky here again.I do not ever feel like using the term in laws for his parents.They are my very own.I am the daughter they never had.In the mess , while running for things and managing household chores, when you lie down in bed at night . There is an acute happiness that you did something selflessly and God shall reward you back some day. I believe that There is no joy close to the joy of Giving.

Marriage is never going to be a piece of cake and Living within laws would never be a walk of flower bed but Happiness shall find you in either place.


6 thoughts on “Trying to Understand the so called " Conjugal Bliss

  1. Its been a year since I have been married and staying with my inlaws. Its not easy for sure, but somewhere you find a balance and then happiness seeps through.

    Enjoy your life ahead. Don't worry, no matter what happens it shall always be worth it if you have the right partner!

    Lots of love!


  2. Red – Eventually If you are a happy person inside there is no stopping you but at times you feel ” what on earth made me think marriage is a good thing ” :p


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