I won’t start with ” My Papa is the best Father in this World” but he indeed stands among the Most Acknowledged Men in my eyes

As a rule , Fathers are expected to be tough,uncaring,clueless and any display of emotion is still perceived as weakness.Just like Motherhood is essential to being a Woman, Men are emotional, physically, and biologically impacted by origin.Fathers do not vocalize their feelings.It should not be assumed that they do not experience feelings of anger, failure, sadness, and frustration, as they work on trying to build their families.A Father symbolizes strength in a child’s eyes .Love or lack of love on behalf of a Father impacts the child more than that of a Mother.

My Papa is a very strong Man.I can count on my fingers the times I saw him breaking down .One was when his mother died and second when I got married.He had 5 surgeries in his Life.He has seen his Business going to pieces and has seen a very luxurious Life.More than love I feel Deep Respect for him .He was 10 years old when my Grand Father left him.I had mentioned about my Grandmother here .I remember how Mom used to tell us struggles Papa had to face for his studies.He walked 5 miles for his College to save few rupees for himself.He was working part time and paying his own fees.Yes , Believe me, He sat beneath Street Lights and prepared for his exams. I look up to him when I feel Weak.

I do not much remember If he ever played ludo or chess with me but He did listen to my stories of the jungle in school,fight with tigers and butterflies taking to me.I made up unbelievable stories as a kid.He did not much liked celebrating birthdays with cakes and balloons but I do not remember a single thing I had asked and not got from him.His life can be summed in few words ” simple living and high thinking” His own family had cheated him but he forgave them.He is always willing to  help friends even strangers There are friends who back stabbed him.I never heard him cribbing about the people who ditched him ,losses he incurred or opportunities he missed.He is a strong believer in God .He believes that good he does shall return to him in some other ways.I owe what I am to him.

He wanted to become a Doctor but our financial conditions did not favor.He dreamt of seeing me in Whit Coat with Stethoscope but never forced me.He knew I can’t look into eyes of hurt people.I ‘d end up crying.He is a chamber of secrets.He rarely opens up his heart to anyone.And when you hear him speak , You know he is a Learned Man very simple at heart. He would not go shop for himself for a complete year but never forgets spending on his children’s branded clothes.He would wear torn shoes and never complain.He would be boasting about his daughter to all his friends .He feels Proud of me when I have not achieved any great heights.He believes in me more than Mom does.

This post is written for AtoZ Challenge Letter P but It was  favor I did to myself 🙂


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