Never Again

” Am I speaking French , Why don’t you understand I don’t have time for your stupid conversations ” He answered back.

” Is it that tough to take out five minutes for me in a day.You play badminton for an hour,You go out for dinner and drinks with friends,You have been participating in all College Events. You have the Time but not for me ” I cried my heart out.His eyes had turned  red with anger.I was scared to pieces .He clutched me in his huge arms fiercely and said , ” It is Over between us “He was a giant man , 6 feet tall , exaggerated and heavy.

I was Numb.I could not imagine a Life without him.I loved him .I hugged him as tight as I could and wept.I begged him to stay .He left as if He felt nothing for me.I often felt like the only person in that Relationship.It was me who was putting in all the efforts.I was not very happy with him but I knew he needed me.I felt protective of him.I called my best friend .She assured me that He loved me a lot,It was just that he was worried for something.I believed her.Sometimes, A best friend can misguide you.

Few days had passed .I reluctantly picked up the cell phone one day and dialed his number. ” Hello Jaan,” he said lovingly.I smiled.He apologized to me and said that Nobody  could love him the way I do.He wanted me back in his life.He had realized that it was his mistake.” You’re my Lady Luck .My life messes up when you are not around.Promise me you won’t ever let me go “he cried.

I cursed myself for not calling him .I was ruled by the Emotions .I never said something that I did not mean.I assumed that the world works like that.People say only what they feel inside their hearts.I was wrong.

He came to Delhi for a week with his friends from his College in Pune . I was excited to meet them.Five days had passed , He had not met me.I had been waiting for long.He never introduced me to his friends.Although he said They all knew about me.He called me and asked to meet at 11 am. It meant taking a leave from office despite having a crucial meeting , I said Yes .He asked me for a favor .” I told my friends that You are my Ex Girlfriend.We had broken up a year back.” He said unapologetic ally.There was not a sign of shame or disgust on  his face.I wondered how blindly he trusted my commitment.

That was a moment of Realization .I knew this Man is a piece of Shit that deserves to stink all his Life.He did not deserve me in any ways.I left him that day and never ever looked back again.Four years have passed. He is still single.He went through Depression.He knew what he had lost and would never get back.May be He fell madly in love with me when I was gone.He did everything possible to fetch me back in his life.His ” Lady Luck” was gone taking away all that kept him sanely. Karma worked 

“I turn and I slowly walk away and I don’t look back. It has always been a fault of mine, but it is the way I am. I never look back. Never.”

Written for AtoZ Challenge Letter – N


8 thoughts on “Never Again

  1. Karma doesnt work for everyone. But indeed this world is full of nerds, shits, & assholes. It sometimes makes me hard to ingest how can not people respect other's emotions. But it occurs.


  2. Anil – She took the decision and kept it. Not only moved on in Life but married the Man who talks about her like she puts stars in the sky 🙂

    After reading your comment , I wanted to add on about her moving on but that could steal the beauty of it..


  3. Abu – Karma is fairest of all.It always work .Let me share a quote –
    ” Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and If you are lucky .God will let you watch”

    The World is a Beautiful Place.One Right Girl can make the Nerd a faithful Man.I am sure the boy in my story could not dare again cheat a girl next time


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