Love Your Life


I hope there are days when you fall in love with being ALIVE.The Rule is Simple – You love life and it loves you back , you hate life and it hates you more.There might be days when you feel like the last person on earth , curse God for everything and believe nobody loves you.Even if all is Lost , You still have yourself. Love yourself enough to not yearn for any more love from outside.


     It won’t be easy. I was a timid girl usually sitting at the extreme corner of the classroom , difficult to reach.I looked at my classmates as a threat .I could not encourage easily.It was like someone asked me to stop breathing.I thought GOD was bad and all he wanted was to see his creation dance to his whims and fancies. Yes , I was like that.

   Sleepless nights ,  questioning myself , fighting demons inside me and emerging out of the cocoon all happened at the same time.I asked myself often – Why am I not happy ? What do I look for in Life ? Why am I here ? What stops me from being myself ? Why don’t I love myself ? I had the most beautiful family and loving friends and I was equally positive about finding my Prince Charming. What was Missing in my Life was the connection with the God?I felt connected to the world he created but not Him.

 I won’t make up stories as It’s my sacred place. I ain’t Religious but I believe all religions take to one God. He is my Friend , I started writing letters to him and he replied to them through my own inner voice. I developed a Strong Intuition for things around me finding it true most of the times. When I felt connected to him , I was Content. I no more felt the desire to be wanted or loved by anyone on Earth as I knew Greatest of all God loves me.

It was a point of realization that poems read at school were beautiful lessons our Sisters wanted to teach us about God.The poem went like ” I know the Father loves me for he told me in the Rising Sun ” or ” Peace is flowing like a river , flowing through you and me ” 

I love my Life as It is and Shall love it whatever it becomes 🙂 I promised to my God

Written for AtoZ Challenge


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