Every Life Is Precious

Perfection and Fascination of Words Blended Together with Harsh Truths of Life being depicted as sharp as a Knife that strikes you straight in the heart. Presenting before you the Indian Queens of  -A to Z Challenge Soumya at Life of Leo  , Naba at Random Thoughts ,Red at Red Handed , Word possesses Lady , Janu at Memoirs of a Homemaker . Sree at I am Strip or Nisha at Teeth that Sparkle 

You should stop reading it any further as it’s all BLAH BLAH ahead.Words of Wisdom by a Frustrated Soul.

I am left awestruck and confused and amazed and what not reading then. How can these girls have such beautiful thoughts and pen them down even more beautifully?I feel like a newborn baby in front of the Spartan Queens they are in Head. Mom always told me , ” You know not a thing.You don’t know Duniyadari.You don’t know Mishra Aunty.You don’t know baingan bharta.You don’t know how clever people are.Even She sometimes used to tell me You don’t know your friends.

And to a certain extent , She was Right. I did not know my Frenemies ( Enemies who act like Friends) .Yes , I know Not a Thing because ” Jag Mujhe lagaye pabandhi , main hoon hi Nahi is Duniya ki ” LOL.

Early Morning my mind is the most active or wicked or full of exploding ideas. While making breakfast , I run through my memory disc of all the words that could start with I .By the time I have my breakfast , My blog post is ready in my head.What’s left is to pen it down.Emotions could be the right thing for E , Why did I write about Enchantress.Anyways, My Research in Sub-Conscious Mind had come to the conclusion that people all over the world or out of the world have same emotions.Our circumstances could be different , our values could be opposite but we feel in the same language. We all want to be loved,taken care of and appreciated and accepted for what we are

.No Life on Earth is less precious.We all own this earth like tiniest species does.Men buy and sell lands , who owns the Earth ?? Why do I have to move back to India ? Why Is it me who has to call Relatives to know how they are and smile for everything they say even If I don’t agree with them ? Why do I have to cook when it’s the last thing I had love to do ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why should I cover my head to show respect , Why should I wear bangles when It constraints me ,Why do I need to put the red dot on the forehead ? 

Yes, I know not Why ?

Written for AtoZ Challenge

6 thoughts on “Every Life Is Precious

  1. Arre arre arre!!!! Where did all this come from!! You are as good as you think yourself to be. The world will always put you down. It is only your loved ones who know your true value. Just go ask your better-than-mine hubby 😉
    As for my 'awesome' thoughts, I am six years older to you. Go read what I wrote in 2007 and you will know. Never compare, sweetheart! Probably you are in a bad mood. All will be fine. Hugs!


  2. Wait, according to me you are among those people you mentioned who are extraordinarily brilliant at writing and penning their thoughts in my list. Don't belittle yourself. You are a prolific writer as well. And yeah, I envy you people a little bit, but still I love your writing.

    Well, at least you came up with a post, I still have to get my mind straight.

    And those are a lot many questions. I am sure you know the answers. And like ^Nisha ji said, Never Compare.

    Take Care. 🙂


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