Freedom- Luxury to Privileged Few

 The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

All lives, small or big desire for one thing in common – Freedom. Men and Women both seek freedom to be themselves without being judged as right or wrong.We are all chained but some of us are chained to freedom.They are alive as they are free.Women have been denied the right to Freedom since forever because Men knew of us as  the stronger beings and easily manipulated us due to naivety. 

The World has changed, Women are leading in all Professions making better Leaders and better Homemakers. They have emerged out of the Cocoon and continue to amaze the world with their Flights.But….Not all of us are Free Yet.

Indian Married Woman is still chained in traditional rituals, household chores, fake relationships and clutches of obedience.Two in five Indian women didn’t choose their spouse, and about one in two was married before the legal age of 18, according to a new study that paints a grim statistical picture of married women across the country.

The National Council for Applied Economic Research, a New Delhi-based think tank, based their findings on interviews with more than 30,000 married Indian women in 2011 and 2012. Women surveyed were between ages 16 and 49, living in over 1,500 Indian villages and 971 urban neighborhoods.
Researchers spoke with women about their experience of domestic violence and the situations in which they thought they would be subject to a beating. Just over half — 54% — said women in their community would be beaten up for going out of the house without permission.

 Some 35% said that not cooking properly would leave them likely to be physically abused, and 36% said that inadequate dowry payments would likely lead to a beating. Separately, 46% believed that neglecting household duties would result in domestic violence. 
NCAER also found that even though the dowry system was outlawed in 1961, the practice of giving a groom’s family items such as cash and heavy appliances, among other things, is still widespread in India. Indian women on average pay more than 30,000 rupees, or $491, as cash in dowry.Even more surprising the average salary of man is not even half of what he is supposed to pay for a daughter’s wedding. 

Parents save all their lives for daughter’s marriage even at the cost of not sending them to schools. Married Women should cover their heads to show respect to elders.They should unconditionally devote all their time to household chores without ever complaining about them.They should seek for permission before leaving the house even if they go out for Groceries.

Women in India are expected to wake up early and there is no Sunday for them,.They are obliged and expected to work 24 ^7 all year.Married Women should only wear clothes that cover them head to toe.They are considered as living robots who exhibit no emotions or feelings.

Despite the fact that World today celebrates the Beauty, Elegance, Wisdom, Intelligence and Fame of Indian Women, Most of them are still leading a depreciable life dreaming of a future that leads them FREE.


16 thoughts on “Freedom- Luxury to Privileged Few

  1. Hello there. Interesting post with some alarming stats. Women in general have it tough existing in today's times. She was not created to be dominated, raped, abused, sold into slavery (just to name a few). Genesis 1:27-31 states from the beginning, Jehovah God created humans, both male and female, with the abilities to reflect His (God's) qualities. They both received the same commission and the same rights before their Maker.
    Genesis 2:18 states Jehovah God created woman as a “helper” for the man, a “complement” of him.
    Nowhere do these scriptures say the woman was to be inferior to the man. They were both to cooperate closely, not to compete with each other. The status of women will never improve in these times. Only God's Kingdom will bring about equality for all, because only God is not partial, or prejudiced. (Acts 10:34) Thanks for sharing & visiting my blog. All the best with the challenge!
    Entrepreneurial Goddess


  2. Hi Nikita, The statistics you presented here are nice. I would like to emphasize, that freedom is a state of mind.
    I have already commented in some of your post that men had always acted as oppressor, rather than a savior of women. Although with my personal experience in life, I have found women to be the kind, better evolved, intellect & very sophisticated. Example: Look at yourself. Honestly compare your self, and it will be hardest thing to find a man with thought & intellect of yours.
    First of all, men worship goddesses, then love their mother. But when coming to other women, they objectify, they suppress. Here a typical husband owns a wife, not its a lovely blend of two souls.
    I would like to say “Eve was born of Adam's rib, Not be put over head, Not to be walked over, but to be carefully hold between arms, and to be KEPT CLOSE TO HEART”.
    I know Nikita, you are free soul, who make other people regain back life. Wish you can spread the message of freedom like this.


  3. Hello,

    This is a very interesting article. I personally believe that there is repression of women and men all over the world, but it doesn't come out. Only when something happens like in India with the horrible rape of one young woman who died, did this get any kind of big media attention.

    Thanks for giving us the statistics. They are horrifying.

    Patricia (visiting from A to Z Blog Challenge)


  4. Pat – Oppression of Women is worldwide.Rapes happen in UK and USA too but India is like an open book..We have nothing to hide.

    It should stop worldwide and no Men would come for help.We are our own HEROS


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