The Happiest Place on Earth !! Disneyland has everything that sets it apart from other Amusement Parks. I just got lucky last week to visit Paradise on Earth.It came into being on July 17,1955.Walt Disney himself once Said, ” Disneyland Will Never be completed. continues to It Will grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.You can visualize anything that you imagined here.

 16 Secrets of Disneyland

1-  Walt Disney’s Apartment 
Yes, Walt Disney’s Apartment is hidden above the Main Street Fire House which he used with his family regularly. The light in the window once used to keep an eye on his employees today signals his presence with us..” It is completely unchanged from the time Walt and his family lived there.

2- Drive the Mark Twain
Yes, that’s right! If you play your cards right, you may be able to actually drive the Mark Twain riverboat. You’ll also get to sign a special guest book, one that contains names of those who’ve gone before you as an honorary driver, dating all the way back to the mid-1950s

3- Toy Story Characters drop when you say , ” Andy’s Coming” just like in the Movie
The characters are great sports about it, going limp like toys straight out of the toy box, and will even let park patrons pose for pictures like they’re part of Andy’s toy collection as well.

 4-Birthday Stickers
Some of you may already know this, but for those who don’t: If you visit Disneyland on your birthday, be sure to tell the person at the gate that it’s your big day. You’ll be whisked away to City Hall where you’ll be presented with a special sticker by cast members, letting everyone know it’s your birthday. You may also be able to score special items from other cast members throughout the park, so it’s certainly worth a shot!

5 Sit on the bench where Walt Disney originally conceived of the idea of Disneyland.
There is a park bench where Walt came up with the idea while watching his daughters play. This is the Griffith Park bench and nearby is one of the actual carousel horses that his daughters used to ride.

6- Ride ” Lily Bell Train Car”
“This train car is named after Walt’s wife, who helped design it. It is richly decorated.” You can reserve your seat to be the Driver for a day.

7- Purple Tea Cup rides the Fastest
No, I ‘m not joking. The purple tea cup in the mid hatter ride spins the fastest.

8- Stare at the Goat for dizzy feeling
Share the goat down on the Ride on Big Mountain and don’t take your eyes off of him. You’ll experience a dizzy, disorienting feeling that will make the ride even more exciting.

9-  Do the Opposite at Indiana Jones Ride
Do the opposite of what the sign says and pull the rope. It makes an unseen worker “fall” and voices will cry out from the well.

10- Death Certificate
You can ask the Host/Hostess for your Death Certificate before entering the ride – Haunted Mansion.Won’t it make the coolest ever Souvenir?

11- Snow White’s Apple Story
If you touch the apple at Snow White’s Scary Adventure, The Queen shall laugh at you maniacally and may catch you.Just Kidding, It won’t catch hold of you

12- Evil Queen appears in window only for a few seconds every hour
In one of the buildings in Fantasy Land, above Snow White’s Scary Adventure, you can spot the Evil Queen smiling at you .

13- A real Human Skull at Pirates of Caribbean Ride
When it first opened, there were human skeletons galore. Now, there’s only one remnant left of human remains

14- Splash Mountain infamous as Flash Mountain
When you descend upon the highly anticipated drop, a camera is there to shoot a picture of your faces as you fall. Over the years, people have been quite creative with these timed photos from themes to poses. But having the camera there also allows room for people to do other things like showing boobs.

15- Married at Disneyland but Buried at…Oops
 There has been a trend of Disney fans that have requested to have their ashes spread on Disneyland rides, and if you ask the park for permission, they will say no.There have been reports of people dropping human ashes into the water

16- Disneyland employs Cats for free
, Disney takes an unconventional route. If you have seen a stray cat during one of your visits to Disneyland or California Adventure, it is no accident. Stray cats are very common in the park, and Disney takes advantage of it to help control the rat and mice population.

Light , Music, and Magic is what makes this place Magical

I am so happy to pen down about Disneyland.Thanks, AtoZ Challenge Letter – D


29 thoughts on “DISNEYLAND SECRETS

  1. Awesome choice for the letter D Nikita. Except the birthday stickers, came to know all other secrets today only…Would have loved to drive the riverboat for fun…


  2. I grew up in Southern California and went to the park every year, yet there are a few of these secrets I didn't know about! If you're amazed by Disneyland you should go to Disneyworld in Florida. It will make Disneyland seem like a postage stamp to you but plan on staying for a week to see all the parks and other areas.


  3. River – I stayed for two days and I know I can never have enough of that Place 🙂

    OMG ! I did a great Research that means..I am in Southern California since last six months only 😀


  4. We have been to Disneyland several times. Still every time is a magic. Reading this post gives me the same feeling as visiting there again.


  5. First of all…thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my posts.
    If at all I get a chance to visit America…Disney will be on the agenda for sure.


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