Strength is what I inherited from my Grandmas

I have a family history of very strong women. My Grandma was married at the age of 13 and widowed at 21 with 4 sons and a daughter. She had moved from the village to city ,I wonder she was escaping from the villagers who blamed her for the loss.

She was a Business Woman who in no time had 3-5 men working under her .She was beautifully blending her personal and professional life.
My great grandmother who is a grandma to my father is still alive ( Touchwood) She has crossed 100 years of age. She actively participates and functions in daily chores of Life. She scolds me for not having a glass of milk each day as she had managed it for 90 years.

My Great Grandma is one woman who has seen all her children die in front of her eyes. She is surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren .Indeed a very Strong Woman. My Nani often tells us stories of Indian Independence. She had saved lives of Sikhs by hiding them in Basement when a neighbor was burnt alive during Hindu-Sikh Riots after Assassination of Indira Gandhi. They lived for days without lighting a single candle in a home. She saved her children out of the Massacre.

I owe all that I am to the Strong Women, I am blessed with in my Life .Written for Inspire Contest at Indiblogger


5 thoughts on “Strength is what I inherited from my Grandmas

  1. I've been running through your posts since meeting you just today. You have a fascinating history to tell and I'm in awe of strong women everywhere, but especially from the older generation, where the hardships of being a woman were even worse than now. Bravo to you for sharing!


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