Indian Postman – Our Daak wale Bhaiya

India possesses the largest postal network in the world with 155,000 post offices spread all over the country of which 89 percent are in the rural sector. The modern postal service in India is more than 150 years old.Indian postal system has a reach from arid deserts of Rajasthan and Kutch to the icy heights of Ladakh. The highest post office in the world is at Sikkim at a height of 15,500 feet.A survey in Pune, Maharashtra State, found that each postman covers an area of around 40-45 kms and carries an average weight of 10-15 kgs per day. You would be amazed to know that Postmen are aiding Investigation Agencies in locating a place.

We have been emerging rigorously and little notice was being paid on plight of a Postman. He feels nostalgic of the days when everyone eagerly waited for his arrival. He brought happiness in letters, wedding invitation cards, job interview letters, love letters etc. Today, He only carries Bills .I still have some faint memories of calling out “Daak wale bhaiyaa” as a five year old girl when Internet was not accessible by every household. My mother has kept safe all her letters since 30 years and they never fail to bring a smile on her face. We, The Tech Savvy Generation find it hard to keep texts in our cellphone for longer than a week. Times have changed. We are drifting away, far away from what was called “Joy”.

Next time, you pass by a Postmen, greet him and show your gratitude towards him. It might be the only one time he was appreciated. They deserve our love and respect for the burden they carry on their shoulders .This Video will bring tears in your eyes and bring back old memories of “Daak Wale Bhaiya” 


Let me know you were here :)

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