India’s Dying Art

In the heart of Puri ( India ), Odisha lies a blooming cultural paradise. Raghurajpur – the heritage arts & crafts village – where every villager is an artist and every home is an artist’s studio. But their colourful lives have some dull moments. And we can help complete their # Half Story.Watch the pitiful conditions of Great Artists of India.

Isn’t it fair that these talented artists who hunch over their art work for hours, get adequate appreciation and remuneration for their efforts? There are a few dull moments in their otherwise colourful lives, where middlemen come in and pick up their paintings for nominal prices and sell them at much higher rates, pocketing hefty profits. The heritage status of the village brings in domestic and international tourists who pick up paintings from them directly, but that’s not always the case. Also, most of these artists live a hand-to-mouth existence, and their artworks need to be sold off as soon as they are ready, in order for them to survive.

The work is complex. The walls are plastered with lime, sand, molasses and jute. The paints are made from minerals, pigments and plant gum and have no synthetic materials.Brindaban Swain is another artist who is suffering but there is one ray of hope. In Raghurajpur, a cultural NGO has paid for murals, turning the village into a kind of living gallery.The project is fighting to save one of India’s oldest classical painting forms. The techniques are traditional and the themes are varied – usually narrating religious and mythological stories.

You can do your bit – Donate for the Cause / Spread the word further

You can also visit BBC News 2004 for the same.

You can have a look at heart melting pictures by Heleen Van Duin at Daily Life in Orissa Villages

3 thoughts on “India’s Dying Art

  1. Hi Nitin Dixit this side from Banawat,an online shopping portal for handicraft,art.
    We have the vision to provide platform for dying art of India. Kindly let us know how can we start.


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