There never was and never will be another nation like INDIA

There never was and never will be another nation like INDIA

” Sare Jahan Se acha Hindustan Hamara “

India is a place where Legends are born. Every common man has something uncommon about him here. We believe in the celebration of Life itself. Our sages have spent secluded lives, abandoning all riches of the world to search wisdom within. We are grateful to be born and brought up listening to beautiful fantastic stories that teach us ethics of living.

Our Religions are varied and we learn something from each other. We are the ones who brought the concept of ‘ One God “before Dark Ages existed. We greet each other by saying “Namaste” which denotes that I respect the Divine in you. Yes, we worship animals, trees, rivers, sun and moon. Our Lord Krishna through Bhagwad Geeta taught us that God resides in every single leaf.

Our purpose of Life is to attain Salvation. We have risen much above the “Earning millions of dollars” motive of Life. Despite having the worst conditions on Earth, we are still standing on our own feet upright. We are coping with what not .The only reason we have survived and perished is because we are still connected to our roots. We are the only people left , I believe who still are REAL.

Our Nation is also referred in our religious texts as “Punya Bhumi” a land of sacredness. India gifted to the world Legends like Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism and Chanakya, founder of Politics. Swami Vivekananda embodied spirituality of ancient India and dynamism of the West. Mother Teresa who taught the world joy of giving, Lord Krishna who is widely around the globe worshipped. Rabindranath Tagore who still lives in our hearts for his brilliant poetry. To name a few more , Homi Bhabha and C.V Raman who earned prestige in the field of science ,Entrepreneurs like JRD Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani , and Sunil Mittal are amongst wealthiest 100 men in the World. Writers like Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy , V.S Naipaul, Khushwant Singh and Ruskin Bond belonged to us. And the list goes on and on.

I am going to tell you about very few Common Men of India who did great deeds. My heart .My heart goes out for the divine souls.

Parimal and Trupti Desai

(They aid quake and riot affected children)

They are the trustee on the organization called “Sarvodaya Charitable Trust “that has come to the aid of quake- and riot-affected children in Gujarat. It has provided them food and shelter, and helped them piece together their shattered lives. The children maintained their different Hindu and Muslim groups. It was a great task to unite them. Children had seen death at such an early age, they sought for love a little more than others. The children who were abandoned in the name of religion learned the true meaning of Indian concept of God. They developed the bond of friendship with all children and unity of two communities known to be born rivals is an example today. The most striking example of the unconditional love of a child came forward when it broke the age-old belief of hatred towards meat eaters of a Hindu Woman. She was a staunch believer, who knew those tiny hands asking for food could completely change the Hindu Cook at Organization.

Asha Bhatt

(Living example of love and companionship amongst Hindus and Muslims)

“If there is heaven on Earth, it’s here in Kashmir” Kashmir is our pride. A place where Hindus and Muslims lived together with utmost companionship. Things changed when Terrorism started haunting this place of beautiful valleys. Asha jee is a Hindu woman who wanted to leave the state like many other Hindu Pundits. She was loved immensely by Muslim community and they made her their Panchayat Head. A Hindu woman was being nominated as a Head Ruler by majority Muslim community. Love, Companionship and Generosity is what we are known for .The Muslim Communities state that their message to the world is that Kashmir is still a heaven on Earth. We are Kashmiris and not Hindus or Muslims. They are asking us to stop dividing them into two as they are one.

Sanjeev Kapoor

(Abandoned Luxuries of Life to fight for Untouchability)

Well Educated, working with Media Industry with handsome package left everything for that one thing that changed his Life forever.. He could not move anymore and changed his directions towards his Village. A moving incident on the atrocities faced by Untouchables. It was a practice rampant in India during 1900s where some men and women were considered untouchables, they were denied basic social rights. Some villages in India still practice it , Sanjeev fought against. His first step was educating Children and empowering them against all injustice. He made women financially independent, they no longer depended on others for food .Changing Minds is what this Legend dies in this Village. Today, Untouchability has completely vanished.

Sunitha Krishnan
(A rape victim who rescued 5000 girls from Brothels)

She is a rape victim. At the age of 16 , she was raped by 8 men. “There is a fire inside me that tells me I have to rescue other women from this hell”, she says. There are almost 20 lakh women caught up in Prostitution in India. A 3 year old girl was also found at the Brothel. Sunitha has rescued 5000 girls despite constant death warnings from Mafia. Rehabilitation Centers focused on emotional, financial and social freedom. She also exclaimed that It was easier dealing with Mafia than it was with Society. We can write books about it but the fact remains that no man would take them as wife, People hesitated employing them in offices. They would still be looked down upon by the Society. Men who satisfy their hunger and lust through them live freely but life of Prostitutes is one of a damned woman. Sunitha had nothing but the will power and Miracles worked with her. Women took off their rings, bangles on the spot to donate for her cause, they were so deeply touched by her Project. She was also attacked by social activists group of thousands who did not wanted prostitutes to live in their neighborhood.

Naseema Hurzuk

(Savior of the Handicapped)

A handicapped herself runs the organization that empowers the Handicapped. She has given new life to 18000 men and women. It is they who dream high and accomplish them who have seen suffering closely. She says that one should live for the ones who have worst conditions and are still surviving.

Subhashini Mistry
(Uneducated Vegetable Seller who started Free Service Hospital)

The dream so high that could seem impossible in one life was achieved by this Grand Lady. She lost her husband as she could not afford medical facilities. She is an uneducated, poor vegetable seller who dreamt of a Hospital that provides free services. She worked day and night, sent her own child to Orphanage. Her son grew up to become a Doctor and runs the Hospital. He says, “Millions of dollars can’t give you the happiness that one gets from serving others for free”

Babar Ali

(One Man who educated the complete village )

Babar Ali hurried from College to reach Home. He is the youngest Headmaster, 19 year old who also runs a school. He was among the lucky ones who was educated at School. Some of the Indian Villages still do not have access to basic need of Education. Early in age, when he was 8, He used to teach his friends everything that he had learnt at school. The passion grew stronger and stronger and this man kept becoming Greater.

Mohammad Shareef
(Father who provides funeral service to every alien dead body )

A father who lost his child in a pitiful manner. His son was Satender Dubey , who acclaimed international attention for raising voice against Corruption. He abandoned luxurious life that Career at IIT offered him and worked for his Country. He could not tolerate the corruption at every step he took towards growth of nation. He succeeded in getting suspended 5 Ministers. He , in no time realized that roots of corruption reach the top. He wrote a letter to Prime Minister, One man army who fought against all the Corruption. He was murdered and his body could not be cremated. His father denied any financial help from Government and asked only for Justice.  This man serves all dead men in hope of cremating his dead son’s body he could not have seen. Satyagraha is the Bollywood Movie incorporated in this true story.


(This man has wronged the age old saying, “one man alone can not
Cut the mountains “)

Dashrath lived in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. People of the village had to walk 70 miles to reach the closest village. They had to walk miles for basic needs. One day, his wife got hurt while climbing the mountains. This incident impacted him deeply and He decided to cut the Mountain. They all laughed at him. He sold his cattle for axe. This man begged for food but dedicated all his life towards his mission. He rescued all villagers from the 70 mile daily walk. It took him 22 years and He finally achieved his Goal.

Every ounce of my blood praises my country. In words of Rabindranath Tagore who dreamt of India like –


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