Are You an Introvert ?

There are only dominant type of Human Personality Traits – Extrovert and Introvert. See if these traits sound like you –

1-  You enjoy Solitude 
You’re often found reading a book in your favorite corner of the room. Staying home alone when family goes out for a vacation doesn’t sounds like a scary idea. You are capable of having a gala time alone with yourself. You have watched movies alone and went for shopping all by yourself. You don’t know how to explain others what you do alone all day. You never feel bored when you’re alone but when you’re among groups.

2-  You enjoy deep conversations that interest you
You would never participate in trivial conversations of life . You find it annoyingly amusing that people can talk about other people all day long.You love buying great shoes but you’re not willing to talk about them for hours. You get high on intellectual conversations.

3- You’re a good listener
You have probably heard this more than ten times in your Life. You show empathy towards people who share their griefs with you because you admire those people unknowingly. You believe words should be picked very carefully .You think twice before you speak. You can easily judge a person by the words they speak. 

4-  Conflict are best avoided
You are just not into conflicts .You’d avoid them as hard as you are capable of. There are possibilities of feeling like a fifth grader when morons around you play games like temper tantrums and  cold wars.

5-  You prefer to work alone and without Interruptions
You like to be left alone when working. You are an Independent Entity inside. You’d rather quit working than be at a job where you’re always told what to do and what not to do.

6-  Some of you express yourself in Art
You might be writing , composing music or painting.  You let out your emotions free into Art.

7-  People call you ” soft spoken” or “mellow”
You are always in conversation inside yourself that coming out and talking to people is different. You are insecure of being misunderstood not because you’re wrong , but because you’re Right.You’re telling the truth and fear of not being accepted prevails.

8-  You don’t normally take the Lead but You will if no one else does
Taking the lead could seem like most challenging adventure of your life .You know inside you are more capable than anyone else there.You would stand up when nobody else does.

9- Nothing is more phony than Networking
You think meeting people for benefits is just not you. You’d rather have deep conversations with very few than have shallow conversations with many.

10- Intellect is Sexy for you
You are terribly attracted to Intelligent people.You often date a person with whom you can have long hour of conversation rather than one who is horny in bed. 

11- You notice details that others don’t
You remember minutest details like the color of dress,hair style and many things like that. You learn by observing others. 
I am an Introvert . Embrace it. Live that way. Don’t let anyone tell you again that You can overcome the Introvert in you , Tell them on face the world needs more of us .

Watch this TED Video , This is my inspiration for today’s blogpost


6 thoughts on “Are You an Introvert ?

  1. love to be myself. comfortable being alone, or doing things on your own, or simply observing around you. Yes, this is what I am. The world calls it intovert, this vert or that vert I don't give a damn.

    Thanks for the article.



  2. @ Aekaanthan – That's a strong trait of being Introvert..

    Not all of them are capable of saying ” I dont give a damn “

    Me , Myself i care too much for what world has to say..



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