Dor – The Movie

Dor unveils one emotion after the other – intimacy, loneliness, grief, hope, resignation, oppression, guilt, greed, contempt, liberation and of course love.Women in our Society are considered a doormat at remote corners of our Country. They are forced to live like deprived servants . Widows have a pitiful Life unlike Men who can get married. 

This Movie made me Numb.I could not feel anything for few moments. Zeenat who depicts the strength of a woman and her strong will power. The faith she had in herself was remarkable.Be brave enough to take your own Life Decisions , even braver to handle the consequences of your Choices.Don’t give the key to your happiness in someone else’s hands .Incredibly Strong and Motivational Character.

Meera , on the other hand, Simple and sweet girl with a golden heart.Her naivety made her think how can she be happy if her husband had just died 2 months back.She has been strong in her own ways.To carry on your life with someone else’s wishes is brave in itself.

It also made me think what makes me feel pity for these women. Is not complete submission also a kind of bravery ? They possess incredible strength and we call them Weak . What if I was since always told that I am the weaker sex and I was born to please Man. Would it be just a step away for me to break all those beliefs in a day ? It’s not as Easy as we think. They are not bind by anyone else but themselves. There is nobody stopping them from living their lives but their own misconceptions about Life that had long been fed in the subconscious mind.

What makes me think that I rule my Life  ? There are many many examples when despite being an independent modern woman ,I had to kill my own desires. I had to put a veil on it and cover it up. I end up doing things myself that are against my Calling. I take refuge of pretense and many a times I become someone I am not. Is it not a sign of weakness too

A strong belief in my head broke in to shackles today .The women who are suffering are not WEAK , They are much stronger than we are, I do not condemn to state that Male Domination is right in any sense. Its a False Ego Men spend their entire lives living with. They are too afraid inside.

You can watch the trailer here


9 thoughts on “Dor – The Movie

  1. I have read earlier that this is a super movie. Now your review also makes me wanna go for it!
    Yet to watch . But, surely will.
    The heroines are so strong in here.


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