I love Badnaam things

Don’t blame me for it , I have a list of flop movies in my favorite list . Taste thoda different hai apna.Like Like I loved this Ayesha Takia movie called ” socha na tha “ It’s about this couple who rejected each other when their parents arranged a marriage for them. Fortunately , they fall in love with each other and decide to run away. Just today morning, me and Angel were discussing run away marriages.There is no bigger PAAP in Indian Society than running away with your love.After Effects can lead to parents committing suicide or leaving the city forever . Younger sisters could be looked at suspicion . This movie shows the fun in running away. I had wanted to run away – one of my craziest fantasies.

A bollywood movie called ” Just Married” . It can be monotonous , very monotonous to people looking for fun in movies. It’s a group of married people out on a vacation of all generations and all kinds. It shows the marriage at levels , how things change for good if love is sacred. I love this to the core. The insecurities about physical relationship in Arrange Marriages had been portrayed beautifully.There was a couple who were living together since ten years but reluctant to get married and how they end up valuing marriage. In all a beautiful Movie.

Honey Singh- I love him to death. He truly is the voice of Youngistan. Be It ” Tik tok chalti hai ” Or ” blue eyes hypnotise teri kardi hai mainu ” or ” aaj blue hai paani paani ” His songs take your breath away and all of us can relate to them You can hate him but will be dancing to Yo Yo Honey Singh at your DJ Parties. ” I swear choti dress me bomb lagdi mainu ” and ” kudiye ni tere brown rang de ” or ” maana ye sari teri high heels ki galti hai ” Ohhhh Ohhhh I so love him.Have a glimpse of this Man . 

Sunny leone – We all love her but rarely do we accept.She has been criticized to death for being a part of Adult Entertainment and we completely forgot the fact that She is an Indian. I respect her for what she is.Hotness ki dukaan hai ..or I’d say hotness ka Mall 😀 love her , she is a true true Inspiration.. Whenever I need a boost to start working on me , I watch her or Kamli ( Katrina kaif in Dhoom 3 ) You had want to be like them , I swear. And if you’re a guy , You had like to be with them.  Just saw her new song from Ragini MMS called ” Baby Doll main sone di ” Believe me or not,Saw this ten times in a row.Watch it here.

Written for ABC Wednesday and my letter F is for Fame 😀


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