How far would you go to get closer to someone you love..

Walking restlessly in the drawing room, rubbing my hands against chest. I had not been so anxious in ages before and each second passed like a lifetime. Suddenly the doorbell rang, It was Him. There was an exuberant twinkle in my eyes he noticed and grasped me in his arms 
” what is it ” 
” You’ll be a Dad ” I said.
I remember the first time she kicked me and to feel a part of us inside me was utmost happiness.How Beautiful God is that he blessed women so dearly.It had cost me sleepless nights, mood variation s ,desire to kill my own family and what not. I felt left out at times. My world had contracted .I was only becoming a recipient of sympathy . I decided not to let my baby hear those thoughts. She would be my Princess and will have everything she touches her fingers on.
One winter night, I felt a terrible pain, enough to take my life away. I was fighting all night for my baby .It was hours of pain and one moment took all away .The face of my first child- Beautiful.
She liked keeping me awake all night.I felt exhausted but had no other way round. There were days I went days without sleeping.The day kept me occupied with household work .One thing that brought back the smile was peacefully sleeping face of my child.
Time seemed to be flying.It was her first day at school. If I could,I would not let anyone take her away from me for a moment. She was crying but my heart was bleeding to see her in pain.
Years passed and she grew up to be a beautiful,young lady. Her Father didn’t much liked her going out with friends but I stood by her. She never appreciated my support and I never asked for it. Old Age had started peeping through the window and I found myself  unable to carry on with the work. I felt the need to rest after every while and children were not liking it. There were times I started believing that nobody loved me , They all need just a Cook This thought made me sick day by day. 

My Princess never again made me feel that. She was my own reflection. Finding Happiness in smallest of things was inherited by her. We went out together for shopping,Her friends loved me and Our gossips knew no bounds. We could talk from anything to everything. Watching TV together was joy too. She understood me …Sometimes like nobody else ever did.

She got married and a part of me died inside. There was not a single moment I was not thinking about her. I remembered all the times we had spent together .Memories came flashing by and I could not sleep at nights.Even If we know since the day our daughters are born, they’ll leave us one day.Why don’t we ever prepare ourselves for the day and stay shattered when it finally arrives.Her smiles bring me joy that has no bounds and slightest pain of her tears me down.

I dedicate this piece of fiction to all the mothers and daughters for they share the bond beyond anything else on earth. Written for How Far would you go to get closer to someone you love held by British Airways at IndiBlogger 

P.S – I could not think of a better person when i heard about How far would you go to get closer to someone you love than the unconditional love of a mother


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