Help Them Smile

You hear a child running late for school, You hear a frustrated driver shouting at children, You hear a roadside Romeo singing songs to girls passing by, You hear the doorbell and know your family is back home, You hear the three words ” I love you ” when you need them the most. You can be miles away from your mother and hear her voice and feel her beside you. Just a call away.

Life has blessed us in many ways. We are perfectly capable of watching, listening , speaking and feeling things around us. Not Everyone Is. There might be children all around the world who choke when they are touched by something you do but can’t say ” Thank you “. They express with their eyes. There are people who a can’t speak and hear either. If you want to sympathize with them – lock yourself up in the room and stay quiet all day. You’ll know they live with it all their lives.

Again, there are people who can’t see. I fear dark, I can’t stay in a dark room for a minute. What if I had no option? It victims my nerves to think about their bravery. A school in Mumbai ( Koshish School of Deaf )serves these children who are incapable of hearing or speaking. It is run by Dr Ajay Kothari ( Ear and Throat Surgeon ) We need such beautiful souls a little more to make this world a better place.

We do not realize that we have spent years thinking about our profits and losses. There are souls who are bereft of smile joys of life. There is a widowed woman with five children who runs the family with 2000 INR. There are people who go to sleep hungry and  never wake up. There are children who had never tasted a chocolate or ice cream. 

I am doing my bit by sharing this beautiful endeavour by TATA CAPITAL called Do Right. You can also visit the website and contribute for the children. They are collecting funds for 2 cameras  for Shaheen and Chetan, Students have Koshish School for Deaf for their passion for Photography that would cost 31500 INR. Help them smile.

Also written for ABC Wednesday and my E stands for Empathy for the Children 

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