Travel Smart to Vegas !!!!

 Life is all about visiting new places,having good food and being loved . They even say that If you have not travelled much in Life , You’ve just read a few pages of the book called ” Life”
 If you love traveling as much as I do, you know that being able to travel safe and smart is key to having an awesome  trip.  Be it Booking a Flight , Renting a Car or Reserving a Hotel Room all is just a click away from us.But not all of us , return happy and satisfied after the trip.Don’t we all end up spending much much more than we had expected. There is a secret to travelling smart that not everyone will teach us. Travelling can be like saying the right things at the right time .You will need to do a travel research time and ahead and already fall in love with the places you are wanting to visit I am planning a second  visit to Las Vegas this year.

What To Know Before You Go

There are not less than  hundreds the  travel sites of ‘how to’ travel pages on the web.
Many offer discount airfares, independent travel packages, and mind blowing travel packages that will make you believe you are winning but you aren’t. Things you need to know before planning a travel are ;

1- Is it necessary to buy travel insurance ? How much should you get ? Where should you get in from
2- What if your airline cancels your flight due to bad weather? Or your checked luggage doesn’t arrive when you do?
3-How can you find the best travel guidelines and local information of that place
4-  How can you book most reliable and inexpensive hotel rooms and Where do you lodge a complaint if it;s not upto the mark
5- What;s the best way to get cash over seas ? Credit/Debit or ATM Card
6- Will you be safe in foreign hotels.cities and airports
7- Would you rather be jumping in random restaurants only to find out there is only bread you can eat or rather plan ahead what suits you

 What to do once you at your dream place

 I have already planned a wonderful trip with the help of Sky Scanner . It gives you tremendous choice be it for hotel,car rentals,flights and what not .They even say ” 1000 airlines , millions of routes,The best deals anywhere ” You can choose for yourself what best describes your budget. Creaming on the cake is they do not ask for anything in return.It’s not only free, It does not even asks you to fill their forms or to add them to subscription list.What else could one ask for.

Travel is a gift we give ourselves

Once you have found a trustworthy site all you can do is – Think Book Go 

Make a checklist of major things to do:

  • Reservations
  • Documents
  • Money 
  • Local interests 
  • Safety [911 is the key]
  • Packing
They won’t offer you drink until they see as valid ID and Vegas is not travelled if you haven’t gambled. It’s a place where you can’t afford to get stuck in jam for even a mile can take you hours. It’s best to walk the streets and enjoy the shows available. Few miles from the main street , I located for myself an Indian Restaurant and Do not forget , your hotel will offer you free drinks and discounts at particular restaurants . You can’t let the benefit go in vain. Vegas is all about celebration of life in the Present Moment. You can never have enough of this place. It’s in the air there – celebration of Life.You’ll fall in love with this place every time you are here.Sharing my last Vegas pictures with you

Written for Skyscanner Contest by Indiblogger


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