Ain’t buying your Bullshit

Be careful how far you push me away, I may end up liking it there. If they don’t know what they have, let them lose you. Trust me on that.You will never need anyone/anything that doesn’t need you back. Nothing can be more poisonous than being with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. One day you might end up approving to all that they believe.

And a piece of advice from me, stay away from those who are always talking bullshit about others, they talk about you the same way. It’s pretty simple.The world is a huge mirror, what we see in it is a reflection of who we are. If they only see devils, they are one of them.If they see angels, they are sent by God.

Women – We are very complicated human beings and we should not tell men lies that we are actually simple.we aren’t. We are born this way. We get jealous because we are capable of loving unconditionally. We compete with women around us because we were told since childhood that looking prettier would make all things fall in place. We were told that Marriage should  be the highest goal of our lives and we will need to compromise as we are weaker sex

I believed all of this shit for twenty-something years of my life ..Until I experienced for myself that men are weak, They can’t cry in front of others.They feel their world is about to end when they get a cough.They miss home and say they are happy alone which isn’t true. Like us, they are also told certain things since childhood that seem weird to them.

Can we stop being How we are told to be? Can we be how God made us ..How he wanted us to  be?Just like the fingerprints of two never matching, we are all made different and we can’t sit in boxes set  by society. We need to break through and breathe fresh air. Be what comes naturally to us and stop struggling being someone we are not

You can run away from someone who constantly tries to belittle you but what will you do If your own heart tells you every time that you can’t do this.You’ll be trapped forever.Stop Blaming yourself for everything around, Stop cursing the bad decisions you took , Stop Imagining that you’ll fall off the last stair that leads you to your Destination. You deserve your own love as much as someone else deserves yours. 

Never forget that whatever you speak inside your head, your Universe follows it. If you say you are not worth it, it will be true. If you say, nobody else is worth you, it will be true too.Love yourself for you did more than you thought you were capable of.You have crossed the boundaries and excelled even if it means as trivial as cooking on your own.

Celebrate yourself and celebrate everything around. There will be people who are always trying to pull you down, those that are so fake you want to punch them in face, those that tell you what you should do in life because they think they’re experts in your life.Let them be what they are.We can’t change them even if we wanted to. God meant them to be like that. A good painting needs all the colors even if you dislike pink, there is someone who loves it. You cherish your purple and let others have their pink tint for they like it that way.


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