sometimes the heart sees..

I was standing near my kitchen window and transported to land of sorrows . I didn’t knew I had to come back and Suddenly there was my husband hugging me ,holding my face in his hands ,looking fiercely yet lovingly into my eyes and asked ,” what’s wrong with you ” ” did i hurt you ” ” are you missing home” ” you want me to cook today” ” should i do the dishes ” ” which movie do you want to see tonight” ” let’s go out for dinner” etc etc etc

he knew something was going inside me and I won’t say ..There are many,many incidents like this where we do not say a word and the other person knows it all..It’s why they say – Sometimes the Heart sees what is Invisible to the Eyes”

I look at regular people
and see beyond their looks
A couple that holds hands
But they are not in love
She smiles for everything
and cries in vain all night
he travels in Merc Benz
and adores walkers
he cherishes the life
life of homeless drug addict
for he has nothing to lose
and he sleeps peacefully

behind the glitter and shine
i see rotten souls of them
fake eyelashes and boobs
depict how empty they are inside
In a race for fame 
they are selling their joys
for petty amounts
and still wondering
what went wrong

Forgotten the language of love
they talk like aliens
it had been ages since
they felt loved for what they are
They had to let go 
of the real themselves
to be taken by rotten souls

Written for  Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt and UBC

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