Express Yourself Meme

Is there anything you’d like to change,work on,about yourself this year ? It’s the ” Express Yourself Meme by Dani and Jackie

1- Being judgemental about others.
2- Get rid of the laziness ,it has kind of enslaved me.
3- Cut off from Social Networking sites
4- Read the books I have accumulated these years

I just realized that more than anyone else , I had been judging myself way too much.
Telling myself all the things that I’d never tell anyone else such as ” you’re useless”
We do harm ourselves by the negative self-talks more than anything /anyone else.

There have been negative vibes around best friend cried last night and I wanted to fly off to Delhi that very moment. She has been betrayed in an 8-year long relationship by a Bastard.I had been once all in www for that man but he left my best friend broken into shackles .

There is a part of us that dies when we are betrayed in love and it can take as long as forever to be rebuild. When we love , we give our all to someone and in a moment, we are left having nothing at all. We need to love ourselves so wildly that anyone leaving or coming in our lives should not impact. easy said but let’s work hard on loving ourselves.

Another friend who found out his fiance was in  a live-in relationship abroad .How these men leave us shattered ?? Is it we at fault ? Are we punished for loving selflessly ? Is this what God is trying to convey ? That love you enough to walk away from anyone who does not love you that way…



Let me know you were here :)

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