Inspirations come from within..

There can be certain events / circumstances that rekindle your inner spirit and desire to reform and rejuvenate yourself. Such is Life , you gotta keep running and keep finding something that ignites your soul and keeps you alive..Not all of us Live , some just EXIST.

But Inspiration has to come from within.Hundred people telling you that you’re good enough won’t work but a voice in your head that says give it a try , you might succeed does all the wonders

My Dedication to Inspire me Monday 

My Inspiration for today is the free gifts for the shortlisted blog posts by Sunsilk Recharge your Hair , Recharge your Life Blog Contest . I am receiving a trivial gift of t shirt which means a lot to me. Being recognised for your passion is the best feeling one can get, We don’t work for our passion , we are only playing and enjoying ourselves when we do things we love and can’t live without.You can read the post here


3 thoughts on “Inspirations come from within..

  1. I enjoyed chatting with you today, Nikita, and I am so glad you could join us for Inspire Me Monday!

    Your hair post made me smile.

    By the way, I noticed you are participating in ABC Wednesday.

    Be sure to join us for Friendship Friday – we are journeying through the alphabet as well – our party is open all week and we are currently celebrating the letter B!

    Have a BEAUTIFUL, BLESSED week as you

    Create With Joy


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