Closer look at Enchantress

I am in love with the fact that I am Alive , I love living and being able to see,smell ,touch and feel.There are spirits all around the Earth that are not privileged enough to use all their senses.

As long as you are doing things that you love to the core , you are doing things for others without expecting anything in return , you are feeling and experiencing the joys and pains of your neighbour as your own , There is no part of you that is not Winning.

Energy is Contagious and all the world is nothing but energy , never ending exchange of energy. I believe , I hear thoughts of people before they even begin to speak. I believe , I am everything that the stars are made of ..I was born to Shine.

Success to me is not  being a millionaire , it is to me being thought about before someone goes to bed , Being a helping hand to someone who is a complete stranger , Cherishing Life as it comes , whatever it throws at you .

There are times I loose the grip , i am still learning how to live..We all think we know how to live , but that’s the only thing we never care to Learn

Life is Beautiful always…we all are blessed in different ways and We are all made of stardust , We deserve to Shine 🙂


Let me know you were here :)

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