The Best Post on Recharged Hairs

Men find women with long,silky , voluminous hairs more attractive than the ones with shorter , unattractive hairs ,Sufficient enough reason to recharge your hairs.

Not Enough…Okay , here are my favorite reasons to love my hairs and get them recharged.

1 Martin Luther says – Hairs are the richest ornament a woman can wear

2 Scent of a Woman the famous movies says –
Women…. Who made ’em?  God must have been a… genius.  Their hair.  They say that the hair is everything, you know?  Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls, and just wanted to go to sleep forever?  ~Bo Goldman, “The Start of an Education,” made popular by the movie Scent of a 

3 Coco Channel says – The woman who cuts her hairs is about to change her life.

 we don’t need much too make ourselves happier – happy hairs are the best therapy ..indeed

life is pretty simple for us ..all we need is long shopping sessions , vacations every month and regular pampering for our hairs..that’s pretty much all we need

i can’t be blames..Disney can take the credit for my obsession for my hairs

 I don’t care if my hairs are happy , i am happy 

hell true…ain’t it.. Tell me now , You still need more reasons to love your hair and recharge them and finally recharge your Life 🙂

Selfie Picture.I love my hairs and recharge them every now and then.

This post is dedicated to 
held by Indiblogger in Recharge your hair , Recharge your life 🙂
photo courtesy – Hair Romance 


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