Oye nikki…nikki oye…

It is Angel’s Birthdayyyyyyyyyy – I am so so so happy today 🙂 and icing on the cake , my best blogging buddy Shanu wrote a blogpost for us

I am so touched .He is someone I share one of the most beautiful friendships with . He is the one who calls me ” sach much ka angel” We have been there for each other always. He is my Best Buddyy

I can’t help but share what all he wrote for us. Here it goes Oye Niki Niki Oye…….

There are some unfathomable souls who gets to meet some unfathomable souls and bonded with nothing but the true energies. Nikita is one such soul. There was no such logical reason that anyone, including me, can convince Niki and Me are friends. But then, there is something called destiny or whatever invisible energies of “Kaynat” which brought us in this loop. Blogger, its name.

Scene 1: 2009 – 10 :  Total rush of adrenaline had engulfed and i was writing like crazy on blogger. Then one day, one comment pinged on my blog.. And since then, its on n on n on n on..@@@…!!! I so much remember that time Niki..when we all bloggers used to have so much fun, commenting on each others posts. May it be Sonal, Dipti, Splurja, swati.. All our posts were so random and heart touching. In midst of this randomness there was certainly some special connections with Niki..its above anything, without expectations, so holy and pure warmth. 

Scene 2: 2010-2012 :  By this time, me n Niki had started chatting over a phone, it was like crazy.. how can we be so good friends without even seeing each other. We shared almost all our ups, downs, blues, pinks everything. how can I forget to mention..She had one angel in her life!! It was her truly a struggling period. Her posts were so intense in these days that sometime I used to get worried for her. I proudly salute spirit and patience she kept during this period. I was a silent witness in her life, just looking at her and praying for her love and well being. Meanwhile, I also got married in November 2012 but we were still the buddies. I wanted her to come for my wedding but it was not easy for a girl and I understand that. 

Scene 3: 2013 aaya n fir 2014:  As they say, one day you get the “Fal” (fruits) of all the patience you keep for long. How Niki can be an exception!! I was soo happy when she gave me a good news that she is getting married to her angel. And then no looking back. When I saw her in saree, fainting was the only option that was left for me, she was looking so gorgeous. Its so so good to her happy and with the man she always wanted to be with. 

Coincidentally, today is her angel’s birthday ( I don’t know his name till now), I wish both of them all the luck and a happy married life. 

Nikki, ek patiala meri taraf se oyee.. 

P.S: Nikki I took 4 days to write this as I was totally out of blogging. Thanks to for being an inspiration. n formatting mistakes mat dekh.. u know mee. 

Have fun. majja karo.

Rest on whatsapp n FB. 

Love u loaaddssss.. take care. 



P.S – I can’t express how blessed I feel to have you all in my Life who had prayed for me as much as I prayed for Angel. It was the blessings that made me cross the never ending bridge 🙂 I am thankful to each one of you..Whenever I run down my blog pages , I can see all the support and encouraging words that kept me going when There was nobody who cheered me up.

When all the world said “You won’t ever find your way with him” It was you who gave me strenght and faith .

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