Lost Directions…

A dedication to Poets on the Page by none other than my sweetheart Morgan Dragonwillow and Julie Jordan Scott ,  someone who had inspired hundreds other like me to keep writing poems continuously for a month and It was so much fun with lessons learned and friends earned.We love you a lot 

Poetry Prompt – Direction 

It appears to be thrown at me by the Universe for I have the best experience to share with you all about technically my first day the in the foreign country. i , lost my way with zero battery the in phone,walked a few miles with a complete stranger,communicated with someone who did not understood my language and me hers , almost lost my keys the to home, got into random buses, reached places I had never seen /heard before   finally reached home half dead !!!

Desire to be alone in a foreign country
got me here and
sitting idle home alone
was not anymore fair
Secretly got out for Angel’s birthday gift
Randomly got inside buses and trains
Met a complete stranger
who walked a few miles for me
called me kind of pretty
Hoping Americans mean pretty by that
Literature was talked about
and the beaches
How could i not resist 
being with the stranger
Offered me cab service
and I got scared now
Indians have real bad experiences
of accepting lift from strangers
Somehow I held my breath
Kindly declined his offer
It was getting darker
And icing on the cake
was a dead phone
A lonely girl, new to the place
taking one wrong route after another
again and again
Landed up in another city
A lady was there
Maybe I should ask for help
She spoke Spanish
and Me, English
We did not understand each other
But gestures were a boon
She showed me the way
and I landed home
walking more than 8 miles
finally, I was home
to see a worried man
waiting for me
We said nothing and hugged
for quite a few minutes
I sat on him like a baby does
telling him about my bravery
Yes, I did it like a child
He kissed me many times
and said sorry 
Despite all the pain 
I learned something new
It was something 
I had always amused
Technically my very first day
in a foreign country


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