Miracle Children

Vivek was his name , a child in my class who always had the most beautiful smile on his face and you could never tell anyone that he was broken inside. He was the most notorious , always up to something, hiding behind the windows of the classroom, stealing chalk box from my table,singing songs in the middle of the class. I was annoyed at him in those early days.Working with an NGO with challenged children can be a very challenging job indeed.

There was something between us , I was always looking for him. I made sure I took out sometime during the lunch break to be with him , to share my food with him. His eyes had that sparkle like a star in the sky.There were others in my class too , who had stopped feeling ashamed/ embarrassed when someone called them an Orphan. I underwent  a trauma understanding these children.The pain in their eyes did not let me sleep at nights. There were colleagues who took out their frustration on them calling them names and making them realize that they don’t have a family and whom they call family is a bunch of strangers. There could not be anything more devastating you could tell a child of 8. They have been saved but their Lives are not considered any worth of.

One day , I saw him hiding inside the restrooms , He did not come for the morning assembly either.I was not able to teach my other classes because he was on my mind throughout. I took a deep breath when I sat with him during Lunch Break, He was smiling but hiding a lot of pain behind it. I asked him more than ten times what’s wrong and he started weeping and said , ” I don’t wanna go back home” He was being abandoned by his parents when he was 2 and left at our NGO because he was suffering from a serious heart disease.Now that he has been cured completely , they want him back. You / Me or anyone of us can never understand the trauma that little life went through. He had a new family here and a New Mom and brothers and sisters. He went through so much in these 6 years that He can not go back to normal life now.

He hugged me and cried and said: ” take me your home” . He was attached to me , so was I. They have taught me something I would cherish even after my death. They are Miracle Children.You would have never felt so happy as you would feel sitting with them. Just a little love and they can give all they have to you. Such Abundance I had learned from them Although I could spend merely six months with them but It was an enriching  experience. I feel goosebumps when I remember those tears when I said I won’t be teaching you anymore.

Those smiles are the smiles of Angels , messengers of God to teach us all humanity and love.This is a submission to Blogadda’s contest Doing the Right Thing

Let me know you were here :)

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