Year 2013

2013 – Dream Year

1- I got married to Angel.After a long struggle for being together, we finally won the race.

2- I worked for a child NGO, SOS which helped me grow as a person.It electrified my sensitivity.The emotions I recollected here with orphaned and challenged children moved my soul. The love you receive from  them is unconditional and the peace that comes to you is magnificent.

3- I visited the USA. I need not say it is every Indian’s dream today to be here. It was  an enriching experience for me. The places, people, and events here have taught me that we need to live in the moment. Americans are the best when it comes to living for the moment. Carpe Diem – seize the day.

4- Living Alone had been one among my Bucket list which got fulfilled this year too. I had fantasized, almost fantasized living alone in a country where nobody knows me. It is a great learning experience to be with yourself all day.I got all the world’s time to do everything I had always put aside for lack of time.

5- Getting closer to God, now that I am a living proof that miracles do happen. My faith has gone stronger and unbreakable in him. I am working on my flaws and learning new wisdom from Satsang. I know what I am doing is a lifetime savings. This is gonna help me all my life.

In 2014,

I promise to myself to count my Blessings more than my Problems, To trust that God will always have a better plan for me than I have for myself, I would replace Expectations with Acceptance, Betrayal with Forgiveness and Hatred with Love. I would throughout my Life be thankful for 2013. I am ready for all that 2014 has to offer to me


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