Bringing Up a Child Like their Santa

Give your child the best Birthday Gift ever, play Santa for a lifetime! 

This post is a part of Be Your Child’s Santa Contest organised by Blogadda and inspired by 1001Gifts Activity by HDFC Life We are asked to write about the five special gifts we would like to gift to our children for their secure future. Although , I do not have any children and no plans in near future either but I have always loved the idea of bringing up kids. Here are my gifts ;

Your Child is the epitome of your love and every time you look at them , unconditional love flows through you. You always wants to give them all you can give them. What can we give them that would last forever and help them walk the journey of life.

1- Self- Esteem 
Yes , I truly believe that we need to fill our child’s soul so much with self esteem that nothing could ever empty it. Every little girl should be told she is pretty even if she isn’t .Every little boy should be told that he needs to respect women very early in his growing days. We are living in an unrealistic world where people around always try to pull us down.If we can teach our children how to always love themselves, we would do them a great favor.

2- Strong Beliefs
A child remembers the lessons he learned as a child forever and often becomes adamant and restrictive to changing those thoughts even if they were told they are weak. All their loves they will tend to live by the fact and never try to be strong.A child should be nurtured in strong beliefs , deep gratitude towards God and a sense of independence.He/She should be taught to follow his path,his calling despite everything else.

3- Mirror to their Future Relationships
A couple is the first relationship a child encounters and he will learn everything he sees you doing rather than what you tell him to do. We are a mirror to their future relationships. We should always be alert and active not to behave irrationally in-front of  CHILD.

4- Child Insurance 
In a fast growing economy of ours , we can not be sure of what tomorrow might bring.We need to save enough for a child’s future .There should be an assured evidence that money would never be something that would stop our child from fulfilling his/her dreams.Most of us get negligent towards it and face repercussions later. We owe them everything for we brought them into this world.

5- Unconditional Love
I have learnt from those nearing their departure from earth that love is all that matters. We won’t be thinking about our promotions, favorite dresses,jewels and gems we collected all our lives but only how much we were loved and how much did we loved others. Love is what makes us stronger and grounded inside and our children need to be bombarded with love.


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