When was the first time I started talking to God ? I don’t remember but today , I am sharing my Life with him.I tell him every little detail of my life. And Communicating with God needs no email , phone or text. He is with me Always. I feel him with me all day. It needs unconditional faith , love, and dedication towards him. I feel so close to him that He keeps telling me that I am his favorite child.

I feel him wiping my tears when I cry alone at nights. It is in those moments, I can see him too. He has made me a strong person today. He has given me so much strength that nothing can break me now. I know nothing can come to me that is not for my good. I know all the pains I have been through and would be facing in future are meant to teach me a lesson and I’ll come out wiser.

Nothing is Forever..Everything and Everyone will leave you. He says that getting attached to people and things will lead to betrayal. The real is soul , a body is only an illusion. Earlier , I used to curse circumstances, people, and even God.I used to tell them May God make you suffer more than I suffer. This Me has died. I am not any more capable of cursing anyone else.

Forgiveness is a strong trait in me now. I work hard on forgiving people rather than planning a revenge. I seek for forgiveness from those I have hurt, Knowingly or Unknowingly. I no longer carry the baggage of grudges,complaints, and negativity.

I am not a Religious Person..I am Spiritual Being. I don’t believe bathing in River Ganges will wash away my bad deeds but seeking for forgiveness will do. I do not believe in not taking a bath on certain day or stopping if a black cat passes by. I am not Superstitious. I am working on Soul Consciousness.

I am grateful for God for the wonderful life I am living and self-supply I feel. There are souls who sleep empty stomachs too. I thank him for there was not a single day He did not give me food to eat. There is so much to be thankful for…Thank Him for we are all blessed much more than we deserve.

Count your Blessings and not Misfortunes. I do not hold others responsible for getting hurt .I know I create thoughts – positive or negative. I have stopped blaming others for not feeling good.

I ain’t afraid of Death. I would welcome it even if I die to write this post. I would have no regrets from LIFE and I won’t leave either saying that I could have done that or I needed some more time. I am a very Content Soul. I am learning to stabilize my mind in all conditions.

I don’t get disturbed very often now. I have learnt to accept failures as happily as I accept success. I am working on myself , trying to get rid of all negative beliefs my soul has built inside. I am grateful towards God that I learned this wisdom early in life. It came to me like a blessing …

Let me know you were here :)

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