The Journey Inside

This Post is a part of Indi blogger’s I am Explorer Contest by Tata Safari

We are all escapists and even if we disagree we are always running either from ourselves or towards finding who we actually are.When I have these evaders feelings , I run , I drive and follow the less traveled roads. I believe  in the quote by Jean de La Fontaine  –A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it 

August 26 , 2011
I distinctly remember the day when life was tearing me apart into two. I knew not what to do to hold back myself. I was fighting for survival and All i wanted was to escape. I did not thought twice and took me car and ran and ran , not stopping at the traffic signals  , not looking at anything else but myself being torn and the need to bring myself back

I reached a place I had never seen before in this city. It was surprisingly quiet , peaceful and filled with colors

A retreat to my lonely heart and my crying soul. It is those times when we are utterly alone, that only sound we can hear is our own breath , the feeling of complete solitude , being the last man/woman on earth – It is then you feel your soul consciousness talking to you . The Time stops , it actually does. I was at this place for merely two hours but I had lived a complete lifetime.Time is just an illusion for us , human beings

This place is called the Delicate Arch , Arches National Park, Utah . It is considered  a place of pilgrimage by believers. There is a chaos of silence at this place. You can hear the winds talking to each other and waters dancing on their feet . They seem to be incredibly happy just for being Alive. Trees are grateful towards God even if they can’t move all their lives , Rivers and Lakes are grateful even when theirs is an endless journey towards nowhere. And I learnt here that the pace of Nature is Patience.

It’s said about this place that next time you visit it , it would have changed. Nature is always at work and ever changing. If we return to Nature , Nature shall return to us

And the sight of Moon had all the answers to my miseries and I came back home filled with love and peace that Nature had restored in me.

This was my journey within…


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