127 Hours

Some Movies can change your Life,Some characters start living in you and some stories are a wake up call for your existence itself. This Movie – 127_Hours left me in tears , i felt numb and it was tough to stop tears from falling.

It’s a real life incident in life of Aron_Ralston who went mountaineering at Grand Canyon and got his hand struck in a rock. He manged to survive for 127 hours and his helplessness can be seen by the fact that acute lack of water forced him to drink his own urine .The undying jest to survive is what left me amazed. His autobiography Between_a_Rock_and_a_Hard_Place is now on my to be read list

In awe and in love with him

And special thanks to Danny_Boyle for the Movie

Sharing pictures

And He is the Real Hero 🙂


6 thoughts on “127 Hours

  1. I remember watching this movie a couple of years back & I was indeed wonderstruck & I still am whenever I think or read about it somewhere.
    How he survived those 127 hrs was something that most of us can't even dare to think.
    An amazing post dedicated to an amazing movie. 🙂


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